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worried about my dad

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helsi Wed 13-Jul-05 22:21:38

he has a drink problem although I know he won't admit it. we all know he has. he also has depression. however, the doctor told him at his last visit that his liver isn't brilliant and he needs to cut down. dad promised that he would and only drink at weekends. obviously he hasn't done this - he thinks asayin the words we want to hear make it alright. anyway, my brother phoned me at work yesterday to say that they are sending dad for some liver tests as he doesn't think its great at all.

I am so worried. dh mum had to have a liver transplant 7 years ago for the very same reason. she got the transplant in Sept but if not she wouldn't have lasted until Xmas. I have seen what dh ad his family went through at the time and I dn';t want to go through it with my dad too. I don't want to lose him.

please don't tell me to make him admit there is a problem as it is not that simple with alcoholics, especially those who don't realise they are one.

Not after answers - just needed to sound off.

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