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Period late - but I've been sterilised

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mrshomersimpson Fri 19-Feb-10 20:48:04

I was sterilised four years ago this month. In all of that time, I have been sexually active (not every day, obviously!) and have had a very regular cycle. I always keep a record, so I know which day it started last month and when it is due. My period started on xmas day (fab timing), then the next one was Jan 20th. I'm usually around 25-26 days so I was expecting the next one on Monday this week. 28 days would be this Wednesday, Feb 17th. However, I'm now on day 30, have sore boobs and a general 'my period is about to start' tummy feeling but there's still no sign of it. I've felt like that for a few days but I'm starting to get worried that my period still hasn't come.

Any ideas? Thought about getting a pregnancy test today but had a 10 year old in tow and couldn't do it!

mrshomersimpson Fri 19-Feb-10 20:49:42

PS I'm nearly 42 so old enough to be fertile and hopefully not old enough to be menopausal.

thisisyesterday Fri 19-Feb-10 20:50:05

well i think the likelihood of pregnancy is virtually nil surely?

how old are you? maybe it;s just late for some strange never-to-be-known reason?

thisisyesterday Fri 19-Feb-10 20:51:08

ahh sorry x-posts. i dunno, i have a friend who had a similar thing and her periods basically started going a bit haywire and GP did some tests and said she is pre-menopausal. not entirely sure what that means, but she's only 40, so it does happen

Hassled Fri 19-Feb-10 20:55:41

I think at 42 it's more than possible you could be peri-menopausal. My periods went insane last year (was 42) - actually sped up rather than slowed down, although a bit more normal now. I was tested for other stuff (fibroids) but most likely explanation is hormone levels going mad pre-menopause.

BikeRunSki Fri 19-Feb-10 21:05:02

More than possible that you could be menopausal. All the women in my family have menopaused at 38 for the last 3 generations.

Oblomov Fri 19-Feb-10 21:20:35

please don't panic. i was very late a month or so ago, after being sterilised. and am a 28 to the day girl, so this was a real shock. 3 days later came on. no reason or explanation. am 36.
see how you feel emotionally. see if it happens for a second time. then def phone gp.

Milliways Fri 19-Feb-10 23:46:27

I am 43 and sterilised, and my periods are getting erratic. I have had 2 periods from hell which left me totally embarrassed, but then get really light ones.

Don't forget, (and not to scare you) but an ectopic pregnancy IS possible, so if you get any pain then please go to GP asap.

mrshomersimpson Sun 21-Feb-10 17:57:18

Hoorah! Finally came yesterday evening, panic over...not used to a 31 day cycle though, so six days late altogether.

Thanks for all your advice.

Rainbow4 Sat 13-Apr-13 10:32:29

Hi, I'm 41, 3 kids had ablation 18/12 ago & sterilised 8/12 ago. My periods are usually regular as clock work. I am currently 14 days late, sore swollen boobs, v v tired & feel crap, I did a preg test at 5 days late which was negative .......... Can I be pregnant after an ablation & sterilisation ..... I don't want to be :0((((( think I need to see a gp

Angels10 Wed 22-Jul-15 00:13:43

Hi Im new to this sight �� I need some advice please..I was steilized 21 years ago after my 4th child, i have always been regular (every 28 days) never the less i havent had a period in 9 weeks and my last one lasted less than usual an wasnt as tummy is swollen, im weeing lots an feeling very bloated etc. I have done pregnancy tests ..even had one done at Drs..all negative, very confused ��

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