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Abnormal smear test results...

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clarebear1 Wed 17-Feb-10 18:09:44

Got the results today and it said borderline changes and to go back in July for another. I have cervical erosion at the mo, do you think this could be what the abnormality is??...

weebump Wed 17-Feb-10 20:57:16

Hi clarebare1. I've just heard my results showed abnormalities too. My doctor has scared the bejeessus out of me by ringing me up today to tell me I have to have a colposcopy(?) tomorrow morning! I have cervical erosion too, I think, and am wondering, like you, if that's the cause for the abnormalities. I'll let you know how I get on.

BelaLugosiNoir Wed 17-Feb-10 21:43:45

Hope you don't mind if I link you to some of the answers I've given before about borderline changes.
Borderline changes. They do usually go back to normal on the next one but we ask to have 3 follow ups before you'd go back onto routine 3 yearly.
What we report in the lab as borderline changes can be caused by quite a few things such as infections (e.g. thrush/candida), use of IUCD or IUD, hormonal changes caused by depo, post-natal or post-menopausal status.
Borderline changes does happen more often in younger women as their bodies are still changing after puberty.
The presence of the cervical Erosion or ectropian can mean that these hormonal changes, with inflammation on top can lead to the sample being called borderline.
It may also due to HPV infection which most women at some point in their lives will have had and cleared.
I'm not saying that is what has caused your result - obviously because I haven't seen the sample. There is overlap between the changes seen in the nucleus of the cell due to things like infection which make the cells active and abnormality which is also really active cells. This is why sometimes you get asked to come back as a precaution.
The NHS Cervical Screening programme has a website here which has some useful info. Usually you should get a result letter which would have information leaflets about what your test result means.


BelaLugosiNoir Wed 17-Feb-10 21:45:21

Doh! Forgot the other links but hopefully the info is ok?

BelaLugosiNoir Wed 17-Feb-10 21:46:35

Recent thread about erosion

weebump Thu 18-Feb-10 10:11:14

Thanks Bela.

I'm getting nervous now, as my test is in an hour's time ... EEEk

Kewcumber Thu 18-Feb-10 10:19:45

weebump - try not to worry too much. I was in the same position as you and when I went for the colposcopy the affected cells were too wide spread and I had to go in for a cone biopsy (they shave off the surface surgically rather than with a laser). That scared me half to death and yet that was nearly 10 years ago and although I have to have annual smears now have never had a problem since.

It's important to remember that this is preventative treatment. It does not mean you have cancer or even that the cells which have changed will become cancerous, just that there is a risk they might. Cancer of the cervix is virtually 100% preventable because sensible women like you and I have smears and go through treatment where necessary. If everyone did so the cervical cancer rate would be virtually nil.

weebump Thu 18-Feb-10 12:35:40

Well, I'm back from my colposcopy. It was pretty uncomfortable, but no worse than when I got my teeth cleaned at the dentist (that required local anesthetic - ouch!).

At first the doc said he wasn't too alarmed by what he saw, but then he did find a small area of abnormal cells and took a biopsy. The results will be in on Tuesday. Having read your post, Kewcumber, I feel a bit better. I'm glad your ok now. The doc said the area was so small that whatever it turns out to be would be very treatable and non life-threatening. Here's hoping

Sorry for hijacking your thread clarebear blush

Kewcumber Thu 18-Feb-10 14:21:15

glad it went OK weebump but though you will woryy until you get the results, there are way worse things to have!

clarebear1 Sat 20-Feb-10 14:47:58

Ooooh all your storys have scared me, im such a wosse! Ive not heard from my doctor just got to go back in july for another smear.
Weebump did they say that your cervical erosion could be the cause of ur abnormal results? Good luck for tues results

GoldenSnitch Sat 20-Feb-10 15:04:50

I had to have colposcopy after an abnormal result too - that was 5 years ago and I've been fine ever since.

As Kewcumber says, keep having smears and get any treatment you need and you will be fine.

A yearly smear isn't the most fun thing in the world but it's much, much better than the alternative!

BelaLugosiNoir Sat 20-Feb-10 17:46:19

"The presence of the cervical Erosion or ectropian can mean that these hormonal changes, with inflammation on top can lead to the sample being called borderline."

Agree, important thing is to go back for your follow-up in July and hopefully your body will have settled down.

watsthestory Sat 20-Feb-10 17:53:17

Message withdrawn

BelaLugosiNoir Sat 20-Feb-10 20:33:04


BelaLugosiNoir Sat 20-Feb-10 20:46:29

clarebear1 - do you mind me asking why you ended up having a smear test, as your profile says you're 22 and the screening programme doesn't start until 25.
If you have any symptoms such as bleeding then it's important for them to be investigated properly (a smear test won't necessarily show the reason for stuff like that).

watsthestory Sat 20-Feb-10 23:07:40

Message withdrawn

clarebear1 Sun 21-Feb-10 13:27:17

Bela: Im 24 in June this was my 2nd smear. I had one after i had my now 3 1/2 DD. Went in for a swab coz i was bleeding after sex so she done a smear at the same time as i was due one she said.

sayanything Sun 21-Feb-10 13:53:37

clarebear1, I also had an abnormal smear three years ago, had a colposcopy and then a cone biopsy, as the tests showed CIN II and III (meaning moderate and severe changes). I was absolutely terrified at the time, but the cone biopsy was painless and over in 10 minutes and I've had normal smears ever since (I have to have one every six months, as that's the protocol in Belgium). What I was most concerned about was whether it would affect my abiility to have children, but I'm now 16wks pregnant and my gynae simply monitors my cervix at every appointment to make sure that all is well.

So, don't worry, this is all just preventative - think of it this way: if there is an abnormality, you've caught it early enough to make sure it doesn't progress to anything remotely serious. Best of luck.

ladylush Mon 22-Feb-10 17:05:57

I had mild dyskaryosis (?sp)which means mild changes to the cells. I had this result several times and was told it would not go back to normal without treatment. I went for a colposcopy and had another smear. Both were normal. The nurse told me I was given inaccurate information and that the cells can indeed revert to normal. Good luck - hope you get on ok.

Kewcumber Mon 22-Feb-10 21:23:34

blimey sayanything - I wish I was in Belgium - my cone biopsy was done under GA, 2 nights in hospital and a post op haemorrhage!

ALl is fine noe (though haemorrhage was a bit dramatic! grin)

clarebear1 Mon 22-Feb-10 23:43:14


Kewcumber Mon 22-Feb-10 23:46:32

all a storm in a teacup - all fine ever since!

weebump Tue 23-Feb-10 15:54:34

The results from the Colposcopy jury are in: My biopsy showed CIN 3, apparently. So it's not cancer (thank god!), but dodgy looking all the same. So doc has arranged for another, larger biopsy in 2 weeks. I'll be under general anesthetic and he plans to remove all the troubled area, so good riddance to it!

Still scared though.

Kewcumber Tue 23-Feb-10 16:25:24

my changes were CIN3 too - what they are proposing from teh sounds of it is a cone biopsy. its incovenient but tbh I found it less painful than a smear!

sayanything Wed 24-Feb-10 13:17:29

Let us know what happens clearbear1.

Re GA as opposed to local, at least in Brussels, it seems to depend on the doctor - mine preferred doing it under local unless the patient objected. I'm a bit of a ghoul, so I opted for local and got to watch the whole thing on a screen.

There was some bleeding afterwards, but nothing a normal sanitary pad couldn't handle.

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