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Severe (non ovulation) ovarian pain

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piffle Tue 12-Jul-05 10:35:20

Have googled this with confusing info.
If I ov from my right side about 5 days after oving I get severe pain (so severe I go into shock until pain relief works) last week I got rushed to A+E released 2 days later, no answers
had blood tests, internal and external ultrasounds.
Last Nov I had right fallopian tube taken out after ectopic, BUT I had this pain 6 weeks before I got a + test, then next day the ectopic occured.
I have had this pain on and off over the years, mostly I ov from my left but lately not.
When scanned my right ovary is double the size of the left one, when I had the ectopic they also removed any cysts on the ovaries.
I'm terrified of there being something seriously wrong as I desp want a 3rd child, while I ov from right side it's nigh on impossible.
Has anyone any similar experiences?
Anything gratefully read...

MeerkatsUnite Tue 12-Jul-05 13:29:26

Hi Piff,

Have come across stories not entirely dissimilar to yours before now.

I noticed one omission from all the tests done at A & E last week. The one thing no-one did last week as regards your good self was a laparoscopy. Such an operation would determine if endometriosis was behind the cause of the pains. BTW blood tests and ultrasounds would not have picked up the prescence of endometriosis if this was the underlying cause.

I cannot understand why you were not forwarded up to a gynae ward by A & E soon after you arrived there (they should have done this IMO). This certainly needs further investigation as such pains are clearly not normal.

I am concerned that the right ovary is double the size of the left one; have the nature of the cysts been decisively determined?. There are many types of cysts and many causes for such.

Ovulation can occur either or the right or left side; which side the ovary ovulates from (if at all; ovulation does not happen every single month) is a random process.

Would suggest you ask your GP for an urgent gynae referral. You ought to be seen by such a person as soon as possible to have the causes of this determined properly.

Do not be fobbed off - you need to see a specialist.

piffle Wed 13-Jul-05 13:32:07

Thanks Meerkats, I know which side I ov from as I get ov pains etc.
I would have seen a gynae but it is a small hospital and they do not have permanent gynae staffing
I have read my discharge notes and they have asked for urgent gynae referral which should take 2-3 weeks.
My periods are fine, not heavy painful etc, they do vary in length towards the 32-40 day mark since the ectopic (prior to that were 28 days clockwork)
Beacuse tha pain abated quickly they decided not to put me down for a laproscropy - it would have meant transferring me and I was fed up by then.
If it was cysts they would have grown since the ectopic surgery last November? I admit to knowing little about cysts and their growth rates.
thanks so much MKU I really appreciate you taking time to reply.
I guess with endo I would have expected more symptoms?

Littlefish Thu 14-Jul-05 13:06:29

Dear Piffle,

This may be completely wrong, but worth a shot!

2 months after my dd was born, I developed a very severe pain in the left hand side of my groin, exactly in the place where I have previously felt ovulation pain. I started throwing up and shaking and eventually went to A&E and was admitted for 4 days. They decided I probably had kidney stones and one was moving. However, nothing turned up on any scans etc. 2 months later the same thing happened again and this time they checked me out for a pelvic infection and gave me IV antibiotics. Again I was admitted and stayed in for 4 days. When the swab results came back, there was no sign of infection at all.

Now, I'm waiting for an appointment for a colonoscopy as they want to investigate my bowel. I now have this pain in a milder form quite regularly, with occasional flare ups which are much more painful. The Drs now think I may have diverticular disease, or possibly Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Have a look at this
and this

I was told that it is sometimes quite difficult to diagnose abdominal pains in women because the gynae bits and bowel bits are very close together so the pain when you describe it could be in either.

I was SURE the pain was from my ovary, but when I was scanned, everything looked fine.

As I say, this may be completely wrong for you, as diverticular disease is more common on the left side, but it might be worth a look! Let me know how you get on.

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