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Post pregnancy dark skin patches on face.

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Skribble Mon 11-Jul-05 22:47:13

After having first child I have developed a dark patch above my top lip. The skin there gets even darker in the summer with just a little sun even though I use factor 60 as much as possible. Just now it so dark that a college said "oh you got cola or something roungd your lips. I try to cover it with make up but never get a good result.

Any hints for skin lightening or makeup that will cover. Boots has a new range in that includes a skin lightener but cost £20. I have tried fade out cream using it religiously with no change in skin colour so wary about spending £20 on another cream. I would consider laser or bleaching treatment if it worked. FGS they can bleach your anus what about faces .

Libb Mon 11-Jul-05 22:57:32

I would be interested in this too - this year hasn't been so bad but last year (when DS was newborn) it made me looked like a bit odd (I had it on my cheeks too). Now it is just my upper lip and it still bothers me a little so would like any ideas on sorting it.

Thanks Skribble for posting xx

alux Mon 11-Jul-05 23:26:53

I have a cortisone cream someone brought back from Latin America for me. I haven't started to use it yet cos I bf. This skin discoloration is v. common in women with American Indian blood. I would think that it is only available in the UK on prescription.

uwila Mon 11-Jul-05 23:27:28

AH, me too. DD is now 2 1/2. I have/had a couple of these lovely patches appear on my face. I have just had my second child and plan to have no more so Idecided to splurge on the (hopeful!) remedy. I am taking a series of facial called a glycol peel. I recommend seeking out your local beaty salon (where are you? Perhaps I can recommend one???) and asking about the patches. The course I am doing (six facials in total) uses products called MD Formulations. Some competitors use all natural plant extracts which work on the same principal. But MD formulation is more of a medical approach and the glycol is stronger.

Skribble Tue 12-Jul-05 00:17:13

Let us know how you get on with that treatment, I have always been a bit dubious about beauty salons for that kind of thing .

uwila Tue 12-Jul-05 09:29:32

I think it's been pretty good, although it did cost a fortune. It is a series of 6 facials, and this week is number 5. The patches are definitely much better, though not quite gone. You wouldn't notice them now under make-up.

The only think is that the treatments combined with the products that I have to use everyday (some twice a day and one once a week) cost a small fotune. SO, for the price, I could have spent less cracking out the Bupa and going to see a dermatologist. (assuming Bupa would cover this)

Skribble Thu 14-Jul-05 00:07:07

Uwila was this just facials or was it using a specific cream. I am considering aculaser treatment for darkhair on top lip also, wonder if it works on skin ???

I'm going to have to go and consult a dermitoligist but the cost is putting me off, I suppose they will do free consults. I just feel they do treatments that barely work just to get the money of you. Sorry but I am very cynical of miracle treatments.

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