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best clear out needed please!!

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sweetmonkey Mon 11-Jul-05 10:02:09

ok this is a bit gross so i apologise now for this but for the last 3 years i have suffered with bad IBS. i have tablets which i take to basically get my gut contracting in order to pass the food through but sometimes they dont work as well and it tends to get impacted
so my question is does anyone know of anything ie laxatives or alternatives that totally clear the system out.
i have tried senakot but not much good , i need something to totally empty me out as it were.
if you ve read this far without puking thank you very much

spykid Mon 11-Jul-05 10:03:59

I sympathise...have similar when stressed and I use califig, it always gets things going
Also try eating dried prunes

sweetmonkey Mon 11-Jul-05 10:06:18

can i get that from any chemist?

spykid Mon 11-Jul-05 10:07:20

yes, in a little bottle.
think you can get it in supermarket in vitamins section too

WigWamBam Mon 11-Jul-05 10:09:10

I give my dd califig - it's very effective but more gentle than Sennakot.

I always find that glycerine suppositories work well for me when I'm <ahem> impacted and when nothing else has worked. You can get them from any chemist for about 80p a packet.

sweetmonkey Mon 11-Jul-05 10:10:48

ok cool. does that get things moving quite quickly , its just i feel really "full" at mo and am going out for a birthday thing on thurs and really want to be back to normal and empty

spykid Mon 11-Jul-05 10:12:00

I have tried different things and this is the quickest for me...same day explosion!!!!!

sweetmonkey Mon 11-Jul-05 10:13:32

excellent , that is just what i want!!!!! sad arent i

spykid Mon 11-Jul-05 10:14:22

glad to be of assistance

sweetmonkey Mon 11-Jul-05 10:15:05

thank you thank you thank you!!!!

WigWamBam Mon 11-Jul-05 10:15:25

Sweetmonkey, the suppositories will shift it in less than ten minutes ... almost instant relief

sweetmonkey Mon 11-Jul-05 10:20:57

this might sound really daft but do i just go to chemist and ask for suppositories, are there different ones for differnt things IYSWIM

WigWamBam Mon 11-Jul-05 10:22:01

Just ask for glycerine suppositories - you'll probably find them on the same shelf that the other laxatives are on.

I hope you manage to shift it ...

sweetmonkey Mon 11-Jul-05 10:23:46

me too

i might put a warning on here though, " no its not an earthquake its sweetmonkey exploding" LOL

WigWamBam Mon 11-Jul-05 10:24:50


Sorry, not laughing at your misfortune, it's horrible, isn't it!

mummycan Mon 11-Jul-05 10:37:17

A friend of mine has this problem and swears by eating kiwi fruit with the skin on - good luck

sweetmonkey Mon 11-Jul-05 10:38:24

thanks everyone. wish me luck

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