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Energy Levels/Tiredness

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angelp Mon 11-Jul-05 07:51:32

My DH is always tired. He sleeps really well every night (at least 9 hours). He gets really tired if he has a hard day at work and can't do anything in the evening except crash out in front of tv. If he gets up with DD (once a week) at 6am then he has to have a nap in the day to get through. Its driving me mad.What can I do to help him?I think that if he did a bit of exercise it would boost his energy but he won't even try - always too tired! Plus he hates the gym.

suzywong Mon 11-Jul-05 07:56:35

do you think he's just not pulling his weight or could it be a medical thing

If the latter get him to ask the GP for a Thyroid Function test

angelp Mon 11-Jul-05 07:57:36

Worth a try to test thyroid maybe

ABow Mon 11-Jul-05 08:17:47

maybe also check for anaemia?

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