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toria77 Sun 10-Jul-05 08:42:34

HI DS has woken up with a red-rash patch on his side- he is 6months. it is blanching- so not worried about men and he seems fine in himself but wondering what it could be- he had his first bit of cows milk in cooking last night- though has been eating fromage frais- any ideas?

Fran1 Sun 10-Jul-05 08:59:47

Heat rash?

If hes been ill recently it could be a viral rash.

Or as you say it could be a reaction to the cows milk. Avoid it until the rash has gone, and then try again and see if the rash comes back.

toria77 Sun 10-Jul-05 09:01:40

hm- yeah, thanks- will do. rashes are worrying arent they! dh has a viral infection and is ill but ds seems fine- but itcould be- good thought. theres nothing u can do about that is there?

Fran1 Sun 10-Jul-05 09:04:47

No except take him to the docs if you notice any other symptoms or the rash not going away.

Hope hes ok.

toria77 Sun 10-Jul-05 09:06:30

will keep a very close eye thanks

Lonelymum Sun 10-Jul-05 09:08:16

If it is down one side but not the other, it sounds like a local reaction to something, eg maybe a heat/sweat rash if he was lying on that side last night. A viral rash tends to spread more evenly over the body.

However, don't rely on anything I say! Watch him and the rash closely today and ring the doctor if you are at all worried.

Did he eat anything else that was new yesterday?

toria77 Sun 10-Jul-05 09:12:46

- ah he sleeps on the side it is on- could be heat rash, he does react quickly to heat. he also had homemade parsley sauce yesterday- cows milk, cornflour, parsley- all new

HappyMumof2 Sun 10-Jul-05 09:13:00

Message withdrawn

toria77 Sun 10-Jul-05 09:15:10

thanks- 4 weeks! my dh is in his 3rd week of it- so it could be that, hard to know which, but i will keep an eye on ds generally to make sure he is ok otherwise. thanks

HappyMumof2 Sun 10-Jul-05 09:16:44

Message withdrawn

toria77 Sun 10-Jul-05 09:18:15

he is totally fed up , he has back probs too which are flaring because of it. he is also maent to looking after ds 2morrow when i return to work- so thats really frustrating

HappyMumof2 Sun 10-Jul-05 09:19:04

Message withdrawn

toria77 Sun 10-Jul-05 09:19:48

thanks u too

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