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Just wondering whats up with me

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Puppy Sat 09-Jul-05 13:22:13

Hiya, I'm not so well and layed in bed and was wondering if it could be glandular fever?

I started on thursday with a slight headache the type you get when you get a head cold. On friday, i woke with what seemed like a headcold (headache and very blocked nose and sneezing), everytime i swallow my throat hurts behind the palette and also my ears do - alot. I have been spiking temps of upto 38.5 and have just been giving myself regular paracetamol, i also feel more tired/drained than usual. I had my golf ball sized tonsils removed approx 1year ago.

HappyMumof2 Sat 09-Jul-05 16:19:40

Message withdrawn

Puppy Sat 09-Jul-05 17:05:10

Thanks for the reply happymumof2,I will see how i feel on tues morning, if no better i will make an appt, I have just had a really good sleep and when i woke only the right side hurts, Managed to have something to eat,
gosh i hope it won't last for 4 weeks i go on my hols in 3wks.
What doesn't help make me feel better is that when i woke up and came downstairs to find that dh has let ds(3) trash the play room and bring half the toys into the living room, the place is a real mess I have just thrown everything into the play room and will sort it out later (with dh and ds).

purpleturtle Sat 09-Jul-05 17:06:46

Have you had mumps?

HappyMumof2 Sat 09-Jul-05 17:09:06

Message withdrawn

Puppy Sat 09-Jul-05 17:18:21

No i havn't had the mumps purple, and I think my right gland is up, i had my tonsils removed one year ago, I bet its just a virus.

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