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Heathcliffscathy Sat 09-Jul-05 07:32:38

Following on from yesterday...DS has balanitis (swollen penis)- has been prescribed erithromycin....slept ok last night, has just had second dose of it. We were told if he hadn't weed by this morning to take him to hosp as this is the real danger with this. thankfully, he has a full nappy this morning .

His penis is still swollen, but he is in fine fettle, if anything chirpier than normal. dh is just changing his nappy and has said that he thinks the swelling is down.

i was going to fly out to holland to visit my sister for a week today...shall i cancel????

ds has no temp, we know what this is, it's not contagious, and he is eating drinking sleeping and peeing ok. what do you think i should do. our flight is at lunchtime....i need to make a decision within the next few hours....


AuntyQuated Sat 09-Jul-05 07:35:40


i would go i think. anti-Bs will soon sort it out and if not med care in holland is excellent. have you filled in your E111s, the new type?
check with nhs direct that flight won't affect sweeling

AuntyQuated Sat 09-Jul-05 07:36:43

forgot to say---have a lovely time.

i haven't posted the letter to you yet (truth is - i can't find it, but it will turn up soon)

bobbybob Sat 09-Jul-05 07:44:10


franke Sat 09-Jul-05 07:51:48

Go, as long as you have med cover in place (of course you have). Phew, I'm so glad he's feeling better this morning. When my ds had a UTI his penis was quite swollen and the doctor suggested we put wet camomile teabags on it for a few minutes when we changed him. Yes, I know easier said than done with a wriggly baby, but if you can manage it, it's quite soothing I think. Enjoy your trip

Heathcliffscathy Sat 09-Jul-05 07:53:04

great advice franke, will definitely try that....

think we're going to go...


WideWebWitch Sat 09-Jul-05 08:04:54

Oh so it WAS balanitis Soph? I'd go in your position, definitely, antibiotics work v quickly at that age, he'll be better in no time, mark my words

WideWebWitch Sat 09-Jul-05 08:09:03

Just read the other thread and I'd say
a) don't worry about anti biotics, the concern is over use and the odd dose isn't going to be that - I felt the same when my ds first had them at 1 or something but agree with mmoo, be techno hippy
b) the advice I was always given was to never touch the foreskin so I didn't. So that's what I'd do, leave it unless a doctor advised otherwise. Ignore homeopathic helpline on this one.

marthamoo Sat 09-Jul-05 09:17:37

I agree with the wicked witch (of course I do, as she is agreeing with me). Go to Holland - the antibiotics will have kicked in really quickly, hence his chirpiness this morning. Make sure you take some Calpol and/or Ibuprofen with you, too.

I believe they do have doctors in Holland

Have a lovely time!

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