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Anyone know about Mesenteric Adenitis??

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QueenEagle Thu 07-Jul-05 21:07:56


QueenEagle Thu 07-Jul-05 21:15:29


hunkermunker Thu 07-Jul-05 21:19:30

My brother had it when he was younger. Tummy ache.

QueenEagle Thu 07-Jul-05 21:21:39

Do you know the treatment for it and if it's something you fully recover from??

hunkermunker Thu 07-Jul-05 21:25:51

Not sure he had any treatment - was only medicine if he did - and he's fine - grew out of it.

QueenEagle Thu 07-Jul-05 21:28:22

So not serious then?


Had texts from friend whose ds has been admitted to hospital with it. They thought it may have been appendicitis but blood test has just confirmed it's MA. She didn't know what it was exactly and I can't find much info about it.

hunkermunker Thu 07-Jul-05 21:49:14

My brother's fine - a big strapping lad. He did get tummy ache on and off when he was growing up, but don't remember it much past him being about ten. It's often mistaken as appendicitis.

kcemum Fri 08-Jul-05 08:26:02

My daughter suffers from mesenteric adonitis, just gets lots of tummy pains if she gets a cold/infection, alwys releived with nurofen. hoping she will grow out of it.

QueenEagle Fri 08-Jul-05 09:00:19

So does it mean in future that your glands swell more and are more painful when you get any kind of infection? I can't seem to find any straightforward, plain-speaking info about it.

kcemum Fri 08-Jul-05 09:16:47

QE not sure about that as we've never got a straight answer to that question ourselves, although she's now coming upto 11years old, she's got a cold and has not really complained of tummypains this time. This is a releif as in the past she has missed a fair amount of school thru' it.

alibubbles Fri 08-Jul-05 09:40:32

Message withdrawn

kiermum Fri 08-Jun-07 20:08:08

My son suffers from mesenteric adenitis, he get's tummy pains and a fever and headache when he get's a cold or infection. He's got a cold at the mo, fever and headache but no tummy pain's this time. When he was first diagnosed he was in hospital with it. He's missed alot of school with it and nurofen helps a little but not alot, poor thing really does suffer.
I hate the fact that I can't do anything to help him and fed up with being told that he will grow out of it.

kiermum Tue 25-Sep-07 11:34:10

my son has got it again at the mo, normal cold, headache, fever and tummy pains. He's ten and has been suffering with this for nearly a year now.

Bink Tue 25-Sep-07 11:40:51

QE - it certainly can mean that your tummy glands are just a bit more "vulnerable" to reacting when you're ill (like some people are more vulnerable to swollen tonsils where others get sinusitis ... etc.). It sounds like kiermum's poor ds is like that.

My ds had it (I've posted about it before on here) a year and a half ago, and just like your friend's son he was on the point of being taken into theatre to have his appendix out when they diagnosed MA instead - they did the differential diagnosis by giving him a shot of morphine: morphine calms MA completely but wouldn't completely mask acute appendicitis.

He hasn't had it again since, so I guess you can have it without having the vulnerability.

Hope helpful.

kkk666 Thu 11-Oct-07 17:32:46

hi i went to the doctor last week thinking i had a urine infection and went back today with the pain still there and they diagnose MA its a virus in your stomache and your glands are trying to fight it off like your glands would with tonsilitis but in they are in your gut, i had this 2 years ago too and it is very painful i feel sick and headaches come on, i feel burning in the tummy area and sensative if touched, antibiotics make it worse because the natural antibodies are trying to kill the virus and the antibiotics are killing these antibodies, so the symptoms ive got are headaches, burning feeling in just under my rib cage,just feel really rough with it. hope this essay helps lol x

Joya Mon 19-Nov-07 19:57:55

Two of my sons (10 and 4) have just been to the doctor and been diagnosed with Mesenteric Adonitis. My older son is always getting unexplained tummy pains, and has previously been told that he has Migraine Tummy. My younger son is a nightmare all night with this, as he tosses and turns with the pain. Does anyone have any advice? Painkillers just don't seem to touch it. Thank you.

OldAndGrey Tue 27-Nov-07 11:55:24

Our daughter suffered from Mesenteric Adonitis from age 12 to 18. She found that it was associated particularly with lying on her back. Now (aged 30) she always sleeps on her tummy or side and she has virtually no recurrence. Only treatment was soluble pain killer to enable her to get to sleep. Now grandson aged 14 (her nephew) seems to be starting with similar symptoms.

Pamm Mon 24-Dec-07 17:13:43

I was hospitalized at least two times as a child for dehydration secondary to severe mesenteric adenitis. My symptoms got worse. I was sick numerous times a year. At age 9 they removed my appendix and discovered my lymph were extremely enlarged and inflammed. My flu like symptoms disappeared after this but I was extremely under wieght with severe constipation. My digestive system was clearly not functioning correctly. Five years ago I sought out a digestive specialist who diagnosed me with Celiac Sprue (gluten intolerance). After eliminating the gluten I became a different person--all symptoms disappeared. I have gained weight finally. My gut is quiet. I wish gluten intolerance would have been considered when I was a child. It is worth looking into as a possible cause/complication.
I recently discovered electro lymphatic drainage. It may be something that could help.

JueR Thu 13-Mar-08 16:10:15


My son aged 13 has been diagnosed with Mesenteric Adonitis by our GP. He has been experiencing intermittent tummy pains since last Oct. The longest time he has gone without pain is 4 weeks & that was in Jan. Since then he has been experiencing griping pains practically every other week. We are really concerned as he is being sent home from school constantly & is missing a lot of lessons. He is also in discomfort. He has been referred to a Paediatrician (appointment over the Easter holls), but does anyone know of anything which can help.

He has been taking mebeverine for the stomach gripes, but this doesn't seem to help.

Bink Thu 13-Mar-08 16:21:39

Are they totally sure it isn't a grumbling appendix? - as your description sounds word-for-word what I went through for months (at 13) before one day I helped push a car out of a snowdrift & that night my appendix burst (eww)

The key thing with my experience is that I'd have an awful griping pain shortly after meals that would resolve itself quite suddenly - with hindsight, that was the digestion getting past a developing blockage in the intestine (more ewww) - so - do his pains suddenly resolve? or are they more longterm achy?

JueR Thu 13-Mar-08 21:07:24


Thanks for your reply. Nothing seems to affect his appetite - he is eating quite normally. The pains just seem to start for no apparent reason & last for a couple of days. The last two times they have appeared after he has been suffering with a bad cough / cold.

WinonaBentley Thu 29-May-08 01:06:49

I also have a daughter who seems to be suffering from Mesenteric Adenitis. She turns 5 in a month. This MA was diagnosed 2 years ago, as a once off I guess, when she had a vomiting bug at the beginning of winter.

The MA lingered on for about 3 weeks, and at the time we had a newborn baby, and both my husband and I were up almost all night every night between the two of them, mostly to my daughter who had MA. We were exhausted and thought she had a vomiting bug that would never end... it was our worst nightmare.

At the time she was hospitalised then sent home with no answer except give her panadol and Neurofen - which was no help and didn't work. We were beside ourselves. The only thing that helped was putting her in a hot shower or us rubbing her tummy... ALL NIGHT!!!! We were told at first it was probably an attention seeking thing to the new baby. But we knew better than this... a 3 year old isnt clever enough to start crying of stomach pains while still asleep. And she was in far too much pain to be faking it. Now 2 years on I am 8 weeks off having our 3rd baby and worried about how we'll cope if we dont sort out the MA quickly.

Now we are seeing the same lingering symptoms once again of MA, as she has a vomiting bug now. It seems to go like this - the acute vomiting seems to die down and she can hold down fluids and after a while can mostly eat without vomiting, but then still occasionally vomits. Putting a cold pack on her tummy helps a bit, but thats all.

I am glad I've found this chat site this time to hear other peoples stories, it seems to help. And at least we are assuming somewhat of a diagnosis this time... last time we had no idea.

Sorry about the essay, but the big question is, I'm desperate someone please tell me WHAT IS THE TREATMENT FOR MA?

mulberry1 Mon 30-Jun-08 00:03:39

My daughter is 8 and has been having what I think is MA intermittently for over a year now.We have seen a pediatrician who said she has stomach migraine. However all her attacks coincide with a cold and sore throat, her present bout has been going on for about 12 days now.I feel so helpless as the painkillers don't seem to make any difference.Any help would be gratefully received!

ummadam Mon 30-Jun-08 10:53:44

Mesenteric Adenitis isn't a long term condition that needs or can be treated as such.

we all have lymph nodes in our necks, our throat (tonsils), groin, under our arms and in our stomachs.

When you have a cold or sore throat etc and the glands in your neck swell up, your neck is sore and uncomfortable.

Children have a much larger percentage of lymph tissue in the bodies compared to adults. This means when they get an infection (especially viral and they may not necessarily be unwell with it if the body is fighting it well) and the lymph nodes swell to fight it they can be quite big and sore.
Children also get more infections than we do as their immune system hasn't met them all yet

Mesenteric adenitis is swelling and inflammation of the lymph nodes in your mesentery (which is in your abdomen). It presents like stomach ache, can be relieved by pain killers like calpol. Can be made worse if the child is constipated (who needs additional presuure in their tummies when it is sore!) and goes away once the infection has been fought and the lymoh nodes go back to normal.

Some children do get it more often or worse than others. Calpol, TLC and not over dramatising it all help them deal with it. It is not dangerous, just horribly sore and they tend to feel pretty poorly at the same time as their body is busy fighting the infection.

So a virus can cause a sore throat (tonsilitis) , it can cause a sore tummy (mesenteric adenitis) or a sore neck (cervical lymphadenitis). The infection does not have to be in the tummy to do this.

ummadam Mon 30-Jun-08 11:09:31

Hope your little one is feeling better WinonaBentley. Your past experiences sound quite normal to me - sometimes it sucks being a parnet doesn't it I hate seeing my DS in pain... but..the best place to get medical advice is from your GP.

It doesn't have to be while she is unwell if you feel you are managing this episode ok. Make a routine appointment and go with your OH so that you can both participate in the discussion and explain your concerns and hopefully they will be able to check everythign else is ok and put your mind at rest a bit.

Congratulations on your "3rd to be!"

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