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Ear infections: why do they occur and how often is normal?

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WideWebWitch Fri 13-Jun-03 19:25:32

Ds (5.5 yo) has had 3 ear infections in the last 6 months. He had antibiotics for the first (in agony, rush to doctors) the second was brief pain but better in the morning and the third, yesterday, the dr thought would get better on its own and indeed it has. But does anyone know:
* is this no of ear infections normal?
* Why do they happen or is it just one of those things with no reason?

It's all over now but ex dh asked me these questions and I said I didn't know, but knew some people who would. And I'm curious too. TIA!

SofiaAmes Fri 13-Jun-03 21:35:34

I think that ear infections at your ds's age are caused by external things like water in the ear, as opposed to ear infections in little babies which are caused by internal things like colds.

robinw Sat 14-Jun-03 07:08:14

message withdrawn

whymummy Sat 14-Jun-03 09:30:42

i suffered them for years and it`s agony i`ve lost a bit of my hearing because of them,the best thing is for your ds to wear ear plugs while in the bath,for the pain a hot water bottle will really ease it i hope he does grow out of them

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