Pain but no lump in breast

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TheChicOfIt Wed 27-Jan-10 11:16:58

A few weeks ago I started to notice a pain in my left breast. It's not there all the time, but I notice it sometimes when I raise my arm or lift ds. It also felt a bit "burny" so I went to see the GP. She was great - examined me thoroughly, asked questions re family history of BC (none), and then said that it was unlikely to be anything like breast cancer, and that I should take high dose evening primrose oil and go back to see her in 8 weeks. (This was 2 weeks ago.)

Since then I have still not found any lumps, but my nipple has been itchy, which I initially dismissed, but then last night I freaked out after reading on here that an itchy nipple can be one of the first signs of BC.

I have made another appointment with the GP for midday today, so will need to leave soon, but I just wondered if there is anything else that I should ask or tell her? She seems a really thorough GP, but I am worried that she will send me away again and I'll continue to worry about this.

I have quite large breasts and I worry that if there was a lump that it may not be palpable.


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TheChicOfIt Wed 27-Jan-10 12:54:58

Well I saw GP and explained my fears and she has referred me to the breast clinic.

Apparently I should have an appointment within 2 weeks. Is that a fair time?

I think I am covered under DH's medical insurance so would I get it quicker that way - I was so flustered I didn't think to mention.

I am now crapping myself as I think I expected to go in there and for her to say, "no, no, everything's fine".

She says I am low risk but I am scared sad.

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Laine4kids Wed 27-Jan-10 16:51:42

I had exactly the same in November but I have family history of BC so was able to phone the clinic direct.Was seen the next week and had examination by two docs who scarily did find a lump at the painfull are ,then a mammogram.was told it was glandular tissue and the pain was hormonal changes and is absolutely fine.
you are right to be checked but most likely you will be fine.x

Laine4kids Wed 27-Jan-10 16:52:55

painfull area -oops!

TheChicOfIt Wed 27-Jan-10 17:33:01

Thank you Laine - I was beginning to think everyone thought I was nuts!

It's just quite scary isn't it when you don't know what is going on.

Did your soreness just go away then or do you still have it?

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Winetimeisfinetime Wed 27-Jan-10 17:51:59

I had a similar thing with breast pain. It was also in my left breast and into my armpit and not linked to my menstrual cycle. I had had it for a few months before going to gp and being monitored for a few more months and then going to the breast clinic. The gp would have referred me sooner but I didn't want her to as I kept hoping it would resolve.

Even though I was low priority, I was given an appointment at the clinic within 10 days and I had examinations, ultrasound and mammograms.

The breast care nurse was brilliant and as soon as she examined me said that there were hormonal changes in the painful area. It turned out that I have some tiny cysts also in that area that she thought could have been causing the pain. She totally reassured me that there was absolutely nothing to worry about but that I had done the right thing by getting it checked. I still have the pain now, but it doesn't bother me as much now I know it is nothing.

The one thing that I was told by my gp and the breast care nurse is that breast pain is very rarely an indicator of cancer so try not to worry too much { hard I know }.

Hopefully you will be getting the same reassurance soon, Chic

Laine4kids Wed 27-Jan-10 17:58:16

painfull area -oops!


PixieOnaLeaf Wed 27-Jan-10 17:58:51

Message withdrawn

Laine4kids Wed 27-Jan-10 18:07:50

didn't means to post twice!
I still get the pain off and on.if it is linked to my cycle it would be week before ovulation which seems strange.
hope you are seen soon.x

TheChicOfIt Wed 27-Jan-10 18:14:02

Thank you all for the reassurance.

I feel a little bit calmer now and hopefully I can relax a bit this evening unlike last night!

Interesting point re mastitis - I always thought you only got this when breastfeeding?

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PixieOnaLeaf Wed 27-Jan-10 18:32:38

Message withdrawn

TheChicOfIt Thu 04-Feb-10 11:08:04

Well I had my appointment at the breast clinic today and he says he doesn't think it's anything to worry abut <phew>.

Apparently your breasts change on a daily basis due to the oestrogen and progesterone levels.

I have thought for a while that things might be a bit wrong on the hormone front, as I seem to be a bit ratty and not so interested in sex blush.

Has anyone else had anything similar?

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TheChicOfIt Thu 04-Feb-10 11:08:57

worry about I mean!

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bubble2bubble Thu 04-Feb-10 12:28:43

I had pain and a lump on one side and was scanned twice & also had a mamogram and there is nothing there. It was on the same side where I had had a blocked duct while breastfeeding. While I knew it was nothing dangerous, 2 years later the lump was still there
It definately impoved when I had less coffee, took EPO and vitamin E. I have recently been seeing a chiroparctor (about soemthing else ) who thought my lymphatic drainage was generally quite poor and taught me a chest massage to do every day in the shower, and this has made a huge dfference - the tenderness & lump have gone - very bizarre, but I wish I had seen her sooner!

TheChicOfIt Thu 04-Feb-10 13:07:45

Thanks bubble2bubble smile.

I had a quick ultrasound today and he said there is no lump present - just very dense tissue which can feel lumpy.

I am going for a more thorough ultrasound next week as a precaution, so I still don't feel like jumping for joy quite yet, though I am somewhat relieved.

I will try the EPO and less caffeine, and try to do a bit more exercise - I think my body is probably just sluggish in general, plus I have quite a bit of weight to shed.

Glad to hear your lump and tenderness have gone smile.

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bubble2bubble Thu 04-Feb-10 13:42:56

Sounds very like me Chic - doctors could feel lumpiness but couldn't find it on scan so said it had to be just uneven tissue.

Then a few months ago I had a lump under my arm & more pain, which the GP diagnosed as a struggling immune system/more lymphatic problems. This disappeared after a couple of weeks but now I know kind of fits with the general picture.

I am too fat & inactive too ( though have lost a stone since January smile ) - proably doesn't help as your body has to work even harder to shift things....sad

TheChicOfIt Thu 04-Feb-10 15:20:48

Well done bubble on losing a stone - that's fantastic! How did you do it?

I have lost 3lbs sad!! Oh well only another 36 to go grin!

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bubble2bubble Thu 04-Feb-10 18:23:52

Giving up wheat I think was the main thing - less carbs, more protein,more water....and
this thread which started in January grin Only another 3 stone to go blush

Coolestmoon Tue 28-Jul-15 08:02:32

Hi bubble2bubble,
I was scolding god, why me alone when no doctors understands my pain.Its been 7 months and consulted with 5 doctors. all redirected me wrongly. now I feel comfortable. please share the link to do massage. I am also taking vit E and EPO now. Thanks for info. I feel happy for you...

user1466426032 Mon 20-Jun-16 21:40:21

Hi, I'm new to this website but needed a bit of advice! I have been referred to the breast clinic due to pain in my right breast (since January) the dr thought it was mastitis so she put me on antibiotics but I didn't breastfeed my son and he's now 11! The antibiotics took about 80% of the pain away but a few weeks after it came back! I was told by one nurse there was "something there" and the next day I was told by a dr that she couldn't fee anything! I've tried new bras, sports bras and not wearing any bras but the pain is awful! I'm worried that in wasting the hospitals time but at the same time I have no idea what's causing it! Please can anyone reassure me and if anyone else has been in this situation? Much appreciated

izzy1618 Thu 19-Apr-18 13:26:01

Hi is there a pain reliever or something to ease the pain?i have that kind of ache 2weeks ago from done taking ultrasound but they are any one could help me here how long it will be i mean the pain.

Kourt Thu 13-Dec-18 20:24:45

Just reading through the past comments, has anyone’s breast pain subsided on its own or is there any natural supplements that anyone can recommend that have worked? TIA

sbutler860 Fri 15-Feb-19 12:30:13


I am using this website because it came up first in my list when I Googled my particular problem, so this is a genuine request from an actual man. Or at least that's what it says on my passport.

So, my problem is pain attached to the right nipple. I am a little overweight which means I have 'moobs,' and I can lift the nipple up and that's when it is at its most painful. It is painful when I lie on it also.

I have already been to a GP who told me there are no lumps but it does feel hard directly under the nipple. It also does on the other, painless, side, but not to the same extent.

Naturally enough, the fear of cancer is ever-present these days, remembering of course that men can also get breast cancer, although not to the same degree. I believe it's one case to every 100 female cases or something like that.

The pain has now been with me for several months. I also suffer from another condition uncommon to men: Fibromyalgia. So I'm beginning to wonder. What could this be? Must I go back to the doctor, get checked again, and referred to some sort of specialist? I take a significant amount of painkillers already for fibro-related pain, so I most likely will not be able to take any more to deal with this pain. Any more natural remedies?

With many thanks... this is quite difficult for me to do, so I would hope that we can be discreet here, but the worry level is quite high.

Stephen Butler x

laura19951995 Sat 16-Feb-19 05:03:50

I'm also having a similar problem. But I have got a lump in my lower breast and it feels more attached and having shooting pains! I went to my doctors about it around 12 months ago now, She practically fobbed me of just because I was pregnant. I then seen another doctor at the maternity unit and she refered me straight away. I went for my scan and they said it was none cancerous, they did actually say what it was! So I've still had it in the back of my mind! I mentioned it again to my doctor and she said "well your scan came back fine it wasn't cancerous" surely because I was pregnant fatty tissue could of stopped them from seeing what was actually their. Also if I'm still getting pain their after 6 months postnatal surely she should refer me again! Apparently it was pregnancy related but I'm not breast feeding and it's still their so I'm not convinced. If it is cancer and I recognised this over a year ago, I'd cause hell for my doctor.

Jojoarsh Fri 08-May-20 11:19:49

Hey i know m posting this reply after many yeara...just want to ask..was ur test normal??

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