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Souty cough in 12week old dd..........

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lockets Wed 06-Jul-05 22:05:31

Message withdrawn

starlover Wed 06-Jul-05 22:06:12

croup? try taking her into a nice steamy bathroom and see if it eases it

lockets Wed 06-Jul-05 22:08:18

Message withdrawn

singyswife Wed 06-Jul-05 22:10:35

Have you changed her bedding/bed or anything could it be an alergy cough? Does she suffer from hayfever. My DD has had a cough since she was about 6 weeks and now she is 2 they think it is an asthma cough as she suffers from hayfever. Try the bathroom thing anyway and see if it eases it. Could just be a cold thing though,. See how it goes.

starlover Wed 06-Jul-05 22:14:24

poor little mite. hope she is better soon lockets

lockets Wed 06-Jul-05 22:15:50

Message withdrawn

starlover Wed 06-Jul-05 22:17:18

linus has also developed a "cough" which magically disappears when he is paid attention! lol

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