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Bumps on noggin

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llamaduck Wed 06-Jul-05 21:48:17

got phone call today from school to say ds has a bump on forehead which is quite big because some delightful year 2 kids decided to lob a plastic box of star wars stickers and ds happened to get in way (only 5). Anyway he now has an egg on his forehead. Yesterday ds came home and told me he had bashed his head on the gazebo at school and had red lump behind ear apparntly told teacher but they knew nothing. Then tonight as I was cleaing out bunny ds decided to run down the slide lost footing and landed flat on back hitting back of head.. hence another large bump. It sounded really painful too poor thing. He hasnt been sleepy and has eaten all dinner etc etc laughing and joking. Thing is I hadnt noth=iced how big a bump it was and as he was already for bed and we had a cuddle i noticed so i have got him in my bed so i can keep an eye on him. I just wanted to check if there was anything else i should be doing. I know i am a year off beinga qualified nurse but that is in psychiatric nirsing and it is allways diff when own child iykwim.

luvlymum Thu 07-Jul-05 08:59:21

I wouldn't worry too much you would be looking for signs of concussion like vomiting or drowsiness, I know its easy for me to say 'don't worry' but children are tougher than we think! If your son starts becoming drowsy or has any other symptoms get in touch woth your doctor. Hope this helps you although it probably doesn't!

llamaduck Thu 07-Jul-05 09:41:07

Thanks luvlymum - ds is absolutely fine now and showed his bumps off today when dropped off at school. He slept really well too and it was nice for me cos i had my only little cuddle bug in the bed and no snoring dp!!

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