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who has hte biggest pregnacy weight gain?

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fishfinger Wed 06-Jul-05 20:22:53

go on soupy dish it

starlover Wed 06-Jul-05 20:23:36

dunno, didn't weigh myself

charleepeters Wed 06-Jul-05 20:23:52

i gained about 2 1/2 stone but i was in a bloody hospital bed the whole time! so i feel its justified

Dahlia Wed 06-Jul-05 20:24:16

Erm, I put on 5 stone and several pounds.

dejags Wed 06-Jul-05 20:24:22

ha - I think I'll be up there.

Whilst pg with DS1 I gained....


Katemum Wed 06-Jul-05 20:24:27

3 stone with my first.

nannyjo Wed 06-Jul-05 20:24:45

not me i lost weight

fishfinger Wed 06-Jul-05 20:24:47

would you go through labour to lose 2 stone?

when Iw as a teacher we ised to HATE 9LR
ans one of my colleagues said she woudl go thorough laboutr to never hadve to teach them again

beansontoast Wed 06-Jul-05 20:24:54

two and a half stone..all on my arse! tiny bump hardly showed.

kama Wed 06-Jul-05 20:25:03

Message withdrawn

fishfinger Wed 06-Jul-05 20:25:03

hmm thats a lot
( scratcheds head)

dejags Wed 06-Jul-05 20:25:06

And I am normally anywhere between 125 - 132lbs

SoupDragon Wed 06-Jul-05 20:25:08

There's nothing wrong with gaining 4.5 stone.

And in my defense, I lost over half of that within 7 days of the birth through a combination of a 10lb baby and weeing for England.

dejags Wed 06-Jul-05 20:25:48

I tell you not one word of a lie - promise.

5.5stone - similar to Dahlia

fishfinger Wed 06-Jul-05 20:25:58

bet you wer baking fro england too

Dahlia Wed 06-Jul-05 20:26:05

Sorry dejags, I reached 80lbs!
(And not proud of it)

fishfinger Wed 06-Jul-05 20:26:16

the winner so far!

charleepeters Wed 06-Jul-05 20:26:25

10lb baby ouch! i was luck i had a 6lb-er! i have now lost errrrrr none! and weigh 10 1/2 stone but in my defence i dont look fat!

fishfinger Wed 06-Jul-05 20:26:37

cant he punds contestants please convert?

Dahlia Wed 06-Jul-05 20:26:46

Ooh lovely, I never win anything! Do I get a prize?

dejags Wed 06-Jul-05 20:27:27

Sheesh Dahlia,

Did you lose all of it?

1st time round it took over a year to shift it.

DS2 I put on about 50lbs and it took 5 months to shift it.

dejags Wed 06-Jul-05 20:28:04

77lbs = 35kgs = 5.5stone

Dahlia Wed 06-Jul-05 20:30:20

I actually lost most of it, had about 6lbs left, but unfortunately it has crept up a bit since. I am about a stone over what I should be which isn't bad I suppose. I wouldn't mind but I swam every other day til the day before she was born! (But then after swimming I would eat a bacon barm, then chocolate, then cake......)

SoupDragon Wed 06-Jul-05 20:31:13

<<pren preen>> lost all of mine plus a few pounds within 9 months.

charleepeters Wed 06-Jul-05 20:32:04

- i would but i really cant be bothered!

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