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MMR after chickenpox

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Monkeysmom Wed 06-Jul-05 16:03:06

My son, 14 mo has just had chickenpox. At the moment I am still in the process of deciding whether to go for the MMR or single vaccines.
I have spoken to the GP re MMR and he said that DS can have the vaccine 2-3 weeks after chickenpox.
I have spoken to a private clinic re single jabs and they told me that he cannot have his first vaccine before 3 Months after chickenpox.
As I found the two different opinions very confusing, I have logged my question with NHS direct. Their response was : “we are unable to provide advice on the MMR vaccine. We are able to give general information about the vaccine from accredited public health websites only. “ So no direct answer to my question.
I don’t know what to do. Whether I go for MMR or single jabs, I would like to know the safe period I have to wait after chickenpox. I have looked at all possible websites and this information is nowhere to be found. Can anybody help ?

Socci Wed 06-Jul-05 17:21:31

Message withdrawn

HappyMumof2 Wed 06-Jul-05 17:25:29

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Socci Wed 06-Jul-05 21:52:02

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GeorginaA Wed 06-Jul-05 22:06:37

Personally, I would go with the longer time (3 months), just for peace of mind. That only puts him at 17 months and the vaccine is recommended between 13-18 mths iirc, with the later ages being preferable because it "takes" better.

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