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What happens if you leave a mirena longer than 5 years?

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akhems Sun 24-Jan-10 05:42:36

Does it still work like a normal iud?

teaandcakeplease Sun 24-Jan-10 10:00:59

Presumably you're asking as yours is almost 5 years old? I would go and get it changed if the hormones have run out on this type at the 5 year mark, as unless you want a baby, I really wouldn't risk it personally... Although I am no expert but it must be 5 years for a reason?

I have a standard IUD that lasts for 5 years myself but I will be back in that GP surgery asap on the 5 year mark wink

akhems Sun 24-Jan-10 10:34:47

It is 5 years old and I hadn't realised, gp reminded me last week. However, I'm feeling so healthy at the moment, energetic, sex drive back etc I'm reluctant to have another one in case it was the mirena that caused me to feel crap in the first place.

I had a copper coil years ago and it was horrendous.. I bled heavily constantly until it was removed, so I'm reluctant to try that again.

I have malapsorption issues so the pill wouldn't be safe for me, and I'm not sure about anything else. I don't want to be sterilised just in case we decide we'd like another baby in the future so I'm feeling a bit lost. I was hoping that after 5 years the hormones have worn off but it would still work as an iud.

I did read about a contraceptive patch called Evra but I don't know if it's used over here.

teaandcakeplease Sun 24-Jan-10 14:08:38

I had an IUD before kids and it didn't agree with me very well but me and the pill did not work either. So after kids I had another one fitted and it's fine now. I don't know whether after kids my body is different, or something else? But certainly works better for me now than pre-children. No pains/ aches down below and my period is a lot better as well this time round.

Maybe it's a slightly different make or something I was given.

Worth having a chat with your GP again maybe on ideas?

bellavita Sun 24-Jan-10 14:14:55

When I went for mine removing my gp said it doesn't have to be removed dead on 5 years there is quite a bit of leeway for about another year. Obviously you don't want to take that chance but it doesn't have to be to the exact date.

akhems Tue 26-Jan-10 09:16:24

Thanks all, am seeing gp this afternoon so will have a chat about it then - I'm just feeling soo good and full of vavavoom if you know what I mean, I'm scared to change anything that might ruin that blush

aristocat Tue 26-Jan-10 13:34:56

hello my mirena is 5 years old too. i have an appointment with the nurse next week as i was thinking of having the implant. not sure about another coil and i am not sure what to do.

hope all goes well at the GP today, what did you decide to do?

akhems Thu 28-Jan-10 08:25:32

Hi Aristo

he gave me some leaflets and I think I'm going to try the patch and see what happens with that.

I had thought my Mirena was fine but I've suffered from depression on and off over the years and very low (non-existent) libido. Now, I'm not sure if it's because the hormones in the mirena have worn off or because I'm taking supplements but at the moment I feel fantastic - super healthy and very rampant.. my poor dp doesn't know what's hit him.. he said it's wierd going from once a month if he's lucky to once every 12 hours

I'm very reluctant to tamper with the nice balance I've got now so I figure if the patches make me feel crappy in any way I can take it off with no long term effects.

Need to make another appointment now to get the Mirena out and try them.

aristocat Thu 28-Jan-10 11:08:43

hope you get on ok with the patch akhems.
i have app. on monday and dont really want another mirena.

akhems Fri 29-Jan-10 07:25:31

Thank you aristo.. will post my findings when I've had them

Good luck with finding something that suits you. My friend loves her arm implant.. I don't know much about it but might be worth a think?

aristocat Mon 01-Feb-10 11:41:01

akhems well i am still not sure.

i will either have the injection or the implant so need to make my mind up.
the patch isnt available here sad

i can have the injection at the doctors but need to go to the nearset FP clinic to have the implant done.

good luck - smile

morningpaper Mon 01-Feb-10 11:45:56

it explodes

aristocat Mon 01-Feb-10 12:49:12

MP grin

lematthedogs Mon 01-Feb-10 13:21:32

CONDOMS!!! use condoms!

I swear my mirena is responsible for my anxiety and depression and general feeling on apathy - i can't wait to have it removed and i wont be having another one. The reason i haven't had it out yet? Because i really REALLY don't want another child.

But i think condoms have to be the way forward. Trouble is I hate them


kitschmum Tue 02-Feb-10 17:51:04

I would personally keep a check on it as I had one and decided to have it removed just after 5 years as having bad pains, I had pelvic inflammatory disease which needed treatment with awful tablets. If left it can make you infertile I however was fine and had more children. Keep checks on it with your doctor or nurse would be best! Best wishes

akhems Sun 07-Feb-10 21:04:18

doesn't matter now, my relationship has ended so I can just get it out and not worry

Thanks all

OldLadyKnowsNothing Sun 07-Feb-10 21:09:14

Only just seen this. My Mirena is blush seven years old, and still working fine. Reluctant to have it changed because is is all fine...

differentnameforthis Sun 07-Feb-10 21:20:18

oldlady...there must be a reason they 5 years & if yours isn't as effective as it was & you get pregnant there is a high risk of ectopic pregnancies.

If you are lucky & this doesn't happen, you can miscarry after they remove the mirena.

Not worth the risk really!

OldLadyKnowsNothing Tue 09-Feb-10 11:36:38

Thanks for your concern, differentname, and your advice is sound; you're right to point that out. But I'm in my late 40's and my DH was sterilised almost 20 years ago, so no such worries for me. I'm still not having periods, I'm still not getting PMT - and that's good enough for me!

Rubyrubyruby Tue 09-Feb-10 11:41:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

akhems Tue 09-Feb-10 16:32:20

I'm ok thanks Ruby, bit sad and low but I'll live

Lemsip07 Tue 16-Feb-10 21:27:25

I've had my mirena coil in for nearly 5 yrs now.
I went to the docs today for the dreaded smear and thought while she's givin me the smear she'd be as well taken coil out and that would save me goin back in 2months 2 get it out.
When i mentioned takin the coil out she said no need as i'm not using it as birth control.
she said Mirena's can stay in till whenever as long as not for contraception and not causin any problems.
I must say it's been great for me - i've never had a period in the near 5yrs it's been in and i'm fine and healthy

revitalised Mon 14-Feb-11 11:50:32

Seeing all these comments about weather to have the coil replaced after the hormone has 'run out' ... I had the Mirena Coil for 10 years and thought it was great - even recommended it to friends because of the lack of periods BUT I thought my COMPLETE lack of sex drive was a left over symptom from serious depression. IT WAS NOT!!! I had the coil out and like many of you who have commented, have now gone back to an incredible sex drive. I thought I was going to be a bit of a dried out prune for the rest of my life ...I am now having the time of my life at blessed my husband was prepared to hang around through the desert years ...he is certainly reaping the rewards now!

wigglybeezer Mon 14-Feb-11 11:58:58

Interesting thread, I have been wondering about the same issue, i too am perkier now that my Mirena has been in for 4+ years (periods have started to come back a bit too). For a long time I felt a bit like I had permanent PMT! I don't want to go back to that, DH is considering a vasectomy.

notevenamousie Mon 14-Feb-11 12:02:53

It gradually wears out and becomes less effective, there isn't a 5 year magic switch. If your periods are coming back, it's probably wearing out. It is used my most gynaecologists for 10 years if you are over 40 (currently off license). akhems I'm so sorry, was it unexpected? Hope you are ok.

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