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Caesarian scar - 1 year on

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Bigmerlin Wed 06-Jul-05 13:57:11


Does any one else still get twinges from their C-section scar after a year? The skin either side of the scar is still a bit numb, and sometimes it niggles a bit if I've been rushing around even more madly than usual. Do you think I should get it checked out before getting pg again??

Donbean Wed 06-Jul-05 14:00:10

Come to mention it, mine is the same nearly 2 years on. Numb above and below the scar and quite painful some times if i have been busy.
If you are worried then yes, ask your GP about it.

bundle Wed 06-Jul-05 14:04:00

my scar was like this after c/s 1 - but much better after my 2nd c/s (done by the consultant this time ) but believe it's incredibly common to have pulling/tingling sensations because of the damage caused by cutting into nerves/muscles

aloha Wed 06-Jul-05 14:05:39

I don't feel anything on my scar and it's been opened three times (ist time ovarian cyst removal). I never ever notice it.

haven Wed 06-Jul-05 14:08:10

after first c-section. my scar would hurt sometimes and on the inside directely beneath it. if i would move to quick and so on. but, after my ds, i don't. but, with ds i didn't have a typical cut, i think the first doctor put me back together wrong.

CarolinaMoon Wed 06-Jul-05 14:09:28

<bit of a hijack, sorry>

is it possible to get rid of the stiff scar tissue around the scar itself?

I've got a kind of 'strip' of quite hard tissue about an inch above and below the scar. I've managed to rub the worst of it away by massaging it with shower gel in the shower, but is it possible to shift the rest?

mine has never twinged as such, just pulled a bit.

what a lovely subject this is

DissLocated Wed 06-Jul-05 14:10:37

14 months on from my section I'm still a bit numb but don't get any pain. I've been doing lots of abs exercises at the gym recently and felt a pulling sensation at first but don't feel anything at all now.

haven Sat 09-Jul-05 01:43:34

i know that you could have it surgically removed. i am planning on having a tummy tuck later "bacause my tummy stretched like a balloon" and my plastic doctor said she would cut below to remove some of the scar tissue...

another hijack...sorry..did any of you stretch like a balloon too..? i work out, consider to be in pretty good shape.., you can see my tummy muscles, BUT my skin is sooooooo nasty.

nightowl Sat 09-Jul-05 01:56:05

my scar still twinges like crazy sometimes (after second section, 18 months on) never had this with the first but then it wasnt so painful as the second. the second hurt like hell i have to say.

nightowl Sat 09-Jul-05 01:57:15

ps, its been numb since the first section, nearly eight years ago. dont think the feeling is ever likely to come back, sorry!

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