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back pain help!

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almostanangel Wed 06-Jul-05 08:49:26

after a week spent sitting [visiting mum in hospital] decided to do the dds bedroom...ow have done something to my back ..dont know what to do havenet got time for this any advice?

jessicaandbumpsmummy Wed 06-Jul-05 08:56:33

tried hot bath? ibuleve gel is really good. heat packs. REST. still no better - call docs. Hope you're ok hun x

almostanangel Wed 06-Jul-05 08:59:35

thanks bath sounds good

almostanangel Wed 06-Jul-05 09:00:50

but ibulieve is at the chemist 2 mile round trip walk.dh is near hospital working today so asked him to tell mum i wont be in now am on a guilt trip too

almostanangel Wed 06-Jul-05 09:02:39

am in a comfortable position on this chair but i know will be in spasams if i sit here too long

almostanangel Wed 06-Jul-05 09:13:19


SoupDragon Wed 06-Jul-05 09:41:49

Hot water bottle.

almostanangel Wed 06-Jul-05 09:42:32

just spoke to nurse on phone she says take ibroprofin and keep moving,,how do i not walk hunched up?

SoupDragon Wed 06-Jul-05 09:43:13

Not a hot bath - you might get stuck Also, I find the angle you lie at in a bath makes my back worse.

Try lying on yout back and pulling your knees up to your chest to stretch out your back.

Lie down on your back with your knees bent (takes the strain off the back).

almostanangel Wed 06-Jul-05 09:43:26

hot water bottle ?.............airing cupboard.?.yes..!

tamum Wed 06-Jul-05 09:43:27

Hate to disagree, but you want something cold if there's any inflammation, not hot. An ice pack or equivalent will give better long term relief even if it isn't as soothing.

SoupDragon Wed 06-Jul-05 09:44:16

Oooh - take the ibuprofen but don't forget you've hurt your back. It will mask the pain but not cure the problem (will help as it's an anti inflammatory but you must still be aware that you've hurt your back)

almostanangel Wed 06-Jul-05 09:44:40

s d yes i was worried bout getting in out the bath i know theres loads of ways to grt comfy but i have so much to do

SoupDragon Wed 06-Jul-05 09:45:05

Found a heat pad worked wonders for my back though, Tamum. Loosened it up nicely. I guess it depends exactly what you've done to it.

almostanangel Wed 06-Jul-05 09:45:16

pmsl at hot or cold........

SoupDragon Wed 06-Jul-05 09:45:37

There may be lots to do but if you make your back worse, you'll be able to do even less of them

almostanangel Wed 06-Jul-05 09:45:48

havent got a clue but pelvis and legs ache

SoupDragon Wed 06-Jul-05 09:46:02

Alternate frozen peas with a hot water bottle and choose the one that works the best

almostanangel Wed 06-Jul-05 09:46:09

sd true!

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