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Giant Baby fear. Would you be worried?

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spidermama Tue 05-Jul-05 14:05:15

DS4 is five months old (23 weeks) and weighs over 24 lbs (11kg). He's way off the graph. He's fully breastfed and I haven't started solids yet.
If these graphs are to be believed, surely he's a freak.
HV says I should check it out with Doc.
Any other big babies out there?

lockets Tue 05-Jul-05 14:07:30

Message withdrawn

suzywong Tue 05-Jul-05 14:07:44

that is big
but does he look in proportion? are his joints swollen?

what was his birth weight?

best go and see the doc just to make sure

Fimbo Tue 05-Jul-05 14:09:15

Don't worry my ds was the same. Eventually slowed down a bit when he started walking, although he is still big for his age - he's only 18mths but looks about 3, whereas his friend is 6 weeks younger but looks like a one year old!! Its all in the genes!!

starlover Tue 05-Jul-05 14:10:37

as someone said on another thread recently... someone has to be at the top and the bottom of the charts! you must be making some fab milk!

what's his birthday? my ds is also 5 months old (7th feb!)

QueenEagle Tue 05-Jul-05 14:10:46

My ds4 was weighed this morning. He is 23lb 11oz and is 28 weeks old. Yet he is not as big as my older ds who was easily 5lbs heavier at the same age.

What does your HV say about his weight?

spidermama Tue 05-Jul-05 14:12:51

Suzy he was 10lbs at birth. He looks in proportion and, too me, healthily fat. His wrists roll over. Is it true you can't overfeed a bf baby?
I may take him to doc just in case. Maybe he'll work it off when he gets moving like Fombo's.

spidermama Tue 05-Jul-05 14:13:36

HV says get it checked with doc QE.

starlover Tue 05-Jul-05 14:14:20

yes,m it is true that you can't overfeed b/f baby. at least... that's what i've always been told!

Lizzylou Tue 05-Jul-05 14:14:57

My Ds was like that until he started walking, he was off the scale lengthwise and always either 98.5th or above the line for weight...the Hv used to say she would "bottle my breastmilk"??!!! Now he's a sturdy toddler and not in the least weighty, I wouldn't worry at all

QueenEagle Tue 05-Jul-05 14:15:28

My older ds was 10lbs at birth and was very very big. I really wish now I had phoned up one of the newspapers cos he was long with it and I'm sure would have been some sort of a record at the time.

If your ds was 10lbs at birth, is happy and seemingly healthy in all other ways and your HV hasn't expressed concern, then I wouldn't be too worried. Perhaps you could go down to the baby clinic and get him weighed and discuss your concerns with your HV??

QueenEagle Tue 05-Jul-05 14:16:41

Sorry spidermama - didn't see your last post till I'd posted that. Did she say why she wants him to see the GP?? Is she concerned or saying that to have the GP put your mind at rest?

tweetyfish Tue 05-Jul-05 14:17:37

Spidermama, mine is the same too, he is nearly 3 and would be the perfect height for a 5 year old. His growth is slowing down, but he is still way above average for his age. Do you have any tall people in your extended family? Height can be hereditary. My cousin is 2m, so shows that is is around in our family genes. If he's healthy, don;t worry!

Aragon Tue 05-Jul-05 14:19:09

Hi there,

As a HV I'd say get it checked out but if all is otherwise well then it's likely just to be normal for him. Don't worry - he's not a freak - just himself. Get it checked out as there are growth disorders which cause rapid weight gain but these are very rare and unlikely if he's fine in every other way.
Even with these growth charts there will always be normal (whatever that means) children who don't adhere to them and develop at their own pace either above or below the lines. From what I can see he's a few points above the 99.8th centile. It'll be interesting to see what happens once he starts crawling.

spidermama Tue 05-Jul-05 14:19:30

Yes tweety I have some tall people in the family. Perhaps that's it.

My paranoid BIL says it could be Giantism, which is why I went to have him checked. I thought the HV would laugh it off but she didn't.

Fimbo Tue 05-Jul-05 14:19:55

Perhaps for your own peace of mind you should take him to the Dr to be checked. We have been told that my ds will be tall, dh is 6ft 2in and its predicted that ds will be way above this!!

spidermama Tue 05-Jul-05 14:21:02

Thanks Aragon. I don't know if I'm misreading graph but he's off the top by a very long way. Have you come across this before then?

Aragon Tue 05-Jul-05 14:21:29

Is he tall SM - it could be that he's above the line due to taller than average height.

QueenEagle Tue 05-Jul-05 14:22:10

My 10lb baby is now 11 and is going to be such a strapping hunk in a few years' time, I will have to protect him from all the girls who come knocking on my door for him!! I swear he is going to be about 6ft 4 when he's grown up. His feet are a size 7 now - he's going to be off the scale before I know it!

Bet your ds will be the same!

spidermama Tue 05-Jul-05 14:22:12

He's pretty tall. Off the graph again. But less so than the weight graph.

Aragon Tue 05-Jul-05 14:23:53

Yep! Have come across big babies before and we are supposed to advise parents to see a GP if the growth in any area is outside of the centile charts just to rule out various growth disorders. To date though I haven't come across a child with any of these disorders - just letters back from paediatricians saying "Thank you for sending this lovely bonny baby....etc" telling me that the baby is completely normal and they aren't seeing the baby again.

HappyMumof2 Tue 05-Jul-05 14:24:53

Message withdrawn

Aragon Tue 05-Jul-05 14:25:08

Off the graph for height - aha - I think there's your answer - he's just a tall baby boy. If none of your others were like this though it would be worth getting him checked. I bet he's quite normal though.

HappyMumof2 Tue 05-Jul-05 14:25:30

Message withdrawn

Lizzylou Tue 05-Jul-05 14:25:57

Spidermama, please don't let silly comments (Giantism!?) scare you, so many people commented on DS, ranging from innoccuous to downright hurtful, he is a sturdy boy now and not at all plump, but he was putting on a 1lb a week at one stage, we completely missed out on 3-6mths clothes as he'd grown out of them before he had chance to wear them!
My Ds is very tall, when he went for his MMR, they thought it was his booster one (for 4yr olds, he's 15mths FGS!), speak to the doctors to put your mind at rest, but I'd just bet that you've got a strapping boy there!
Gosh, we should get a rugby team going!

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