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Lump in throat . . .

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Libb Mon 04-Jul-05 20:36:36

Has anyone ever had experience of a lump in their throat? I have had a feeling like an ulcer right down in my throat on and off for about 3/4 years now.

I have now had it persistently for the last 4/5 weeks and the doctor just told me it was normal because I am currently under a lot of stress and my anxiety levels are very high. No s**t Sherlock!

However I am sure I can feel a lump right down by my vocal chords so I will give it a week and then go back - the doctor is not my usual one and it away with the fairies quite frankly - he asked me if I am left handed?! (I understand we can be notoriously sensitive but it is hardly a medical impairment!)

Just wondered if anyone else had experience of this?

Libb Mon 04-Jul-05 20:41:16

I forgot to mention that all he wanted to do was pescribe ADs - I said no at this point and from then on in he was a bit flippant. Can you change your doctor within a surgery? the last duty doctor I saw was a woman and wonderfully kind.

I never used to go to the Doctor's but since DS came along it has been relentless . . .

Lilypad Mon 04-Jul-05 20:44:19

Yes I have usually when stressed out. Never suggested AD's though. Try another doc Libb.

SuziWoozi Mon 04-Jul-05 20:49:31

If your doctor can't help, what about trying a Naturopath/Herbalist? I've seen one in the past and was amazed at how she helped me. Only a suggestion but mighgt be worth a go?

Libb Mon 04-Jul-05 20:55:12

Thank you, I have decided to try out St John's Wort to help with the stress etc - it worked once before but is a bit pricy for me right now, wish they encouraged it on the NHS - I could see him huffing when I said no!

valentine Wed 06-Jul-05 19:14:04

I get a lump in my throat when i am very anxious - the Dr explained that it is the muscles in the throat constricting and said while it is a genuine lump (i.e. of muscles), it is nothing to worry about.

beansontoast Wed 06-Jul-05 19:35:28

does it change your voice? or make it harder for you to speak normally , or hurt when you are speaking?? if so your gp could refer to a speech therapist..she could help you with some relaxation tips that target that area or maybe investigate it further.
sounds like youre having a grim time ,hope this helps x

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