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My left foot is 'buzzing'. Why??

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SydneyB Wed 13-Jan-10 19:53:27

On and off for the last week or so I have had this weird buzzing sensation in my left foot. Kind of like I am standing on vibrating mobile phone or something. Has anyone else had this? Feels really odd...

scaryhairycat Wed 13-Jan-10 21:04:42

Yeah I've had that before, I think it's just a trapped nerve. I get it when I've sat funny on that area, bit like pins and needles.

SydneyB Thu 14-Jan-10 11:07:55

Thanks scaryhairycat, It's not just when I'm in a certain position though - its kind of constant at the moment, most noticeable when I'm sitting or lying down. Wondering about going to GP but can just imagine how silly I'll feel when I say 'my foot is buzzing but apart from that I feel totally fine.' Anyone else out there ever had this?

smee Thu 14-Jan-10 19:32:37

It sounds like referred nerve pain and if so is probably due to a disc in your spine. The disc bulges putting pressure on the nerve and rather bizarrely you feel it in your foot/ leg rather than where the actual problem is. But don't worry as lots of people have bulging discs that right themselves (90% roughly) and many people have a slightly slipped disc without even realising they have one. I'd say do lots of gentle stretching and walking. Don't overdo it, but try and keep your body moving. If it doesn't go or gets worse, then go see the GP and try and get a referral to a physio.

SydneyB Thu 14-Jan-10 19:50:53

Wow thanks Smee. I have had back probs on and off for years and hadn't thought of that. Will see how it goes.

smee Thu 14-Jan-10 20:05:29

I am the master of back pain -says she really wishing she wasn't... sad

SydneyB Thu 14-Jan-10 21:42:39

Oh really? Do you mind me asking why? And what you have found to be most useful in terms of help? I have issues with the sacroliac (sp) joints which are generally manageable but as I get older it all gets stiffer etc. Which is why your 'diagnosis' of my buzzing foot makes sense.

smee Fri 15-Jan-10 10:27:00

SydneyB my story might depress you, so please don't let it, as apparently I'm one of the 1% that gets to where I've reached. V.long story, but they think my problems were caused by a v. long back to back labour - pressure was so great that DS literally bent my spine shock. I then slipped a disc quite badly, which put pressure on the sciatic nerve. I tried every conservative technique available to right it, so acupuncture, osteopath, physio. The hospital then tried various spinal injections to reduce the inflammation and give my back time to repair itself. none worked.. The sod of all of this is that you wait between appointments, and then you wait to see if whatever the treatment was has worked. With the injections they'll only give you them once the old one's cleared from your system, so that means you can wait six months from one failed jab to the next. So four years further on, they decided nothing was going to work other than surgery. Which I had just before Christmas. By this point I had no disc left at the base of my spine so the vertebrae were just rubbing together. They've fused my spine and I'm already feeling better. Yip-hip-di-hip. I am absurdly excited about the idea of being pain free. So all I'd say to you is that this is highly unlikely to happen to you. Still though keep on it. Don't let your back get worse and worse - develop core strength through exercise and look after yourself. And if your back does keep getting worse get inside the NHS system pronto. They are good at sorting it, but it can take a while..

SydneyB Mon 18-Jan-10 12:50:39

Smee - sorry not to have been back and responded to your post sooner, been away for the weekend. Man, it sounds like you have had a truly horrid time, although on the mend now it seems. I went to my GP this morning and he's referring me to a podiatrist in the first instance so we'll see where that leads to. Thanks so much for sharing your story with me, I really hope you continue to be pain free.

Extremedaydream Wed 28-Jan-15 06:55:45


I have had this for 2-3 months and it's not getting any better

I know this is 5 years ago but please can anyone out there let me know what happened - did it go away? How? What's the best course of action please?


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