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"stiff" arms and legs

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Denmark Sun 03-Jul-05 18:05:01

I have a 8 weeks old baby and since he was born his fingers, arms, legs and feet have been very stiff except when sleeping. His hand are almost always closed, his toes is most of the time the same. Just getting him dressedis a little difficult because he willnot bend his arms and legs. He never really seems to relax totally I have a 18 mth. old daughter and she was not like that so I don't know want to do.
My partner mother he was a little bit like that when he was a baby so maybe it is a family thing.
Just had a 6-8 weeks check and the doctor said he was fine and the his hibs etc. was "working" fine.
I just wonder if there is anyone you has had/have a baby who never seems to relax in the body and if there is anything I can do to relax him.
He is even "stiff" when I am breatfeeding even though he is very calm. He is sleeping well, does not cry much and seems happy.

strugstu Sun 03-Jul-05 18:28:04

you could try baby massage- ring your hv to see if they do a session in ur area

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