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temp of 39.2 in a five yr old girl...should I?(long sorry)

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trinityrocks Sat 02-Jul-05 17:12:30

Well two things actually. I've just given her calpol how long should I wait to see it if brings it down alright or whether I need to give her kiddie nurofen aswell and how short a time after the calpol can I give it to her???

Also we are supposed to be driving down to my parents leaving at three in the morning tonight IYSWIM, should I call it off, as far as I can tell she has had ahacking cough for a wee while now and she hasn't really rested this week with it being the last week before summer hols, she's had parties and nursery trips so I think this is just her body having trouble with the horrible coldy cough she has and that if I bring down her temp, give tons of fluid andlet her sleep and rest for ages then she should be fine.
I should also add that it's 7 hr drive but once we get there my mum will baby her and look after just as I would if she doesn't feel well, also the trip is so my dad can see the new baby and if I don't do it this week I will have to wait till xmas hols before I can do it again

Advice please oh and she still really wants to go and is chatting to me and smiling and happy but she didn't want any tea and said she was really tired and just wanted to go to bed

happymerryberries Sat 02-Jul-05 17:16:08

If she doesn't have asthma, give her the neuropfen mid way between the paracetamol doses. make sure that she is cool (not cold), tepid sponging helps mine. Don't worry about the food, drinking fliud is more important, try ice lollies if she doesn't want to drink


KBear Sat 02-Jul-05 17:18:36

hard to say whether you should make the trip - she might sweat it out and be ok to go. You can only wait and see. Hope she's better soon.

Flamesparrow Sat 02-Jul-05 17:19:06

I'd say go. I think its 6 hours for each nurofen dose, and four for calpol - so give her some nurofen in about 2 hours (or it gets confusing ).

Give her fluids and snuggle her up. If she's like any other child, she'll sleep in the car and rest up lots.

foxinsocks Sat 02-Jul-05 17:21:25

I would go - I think when they get tired and are sick it can elevate their temps.

In terms of the calpol/nurofen, as you've just given her the calpol I would wait till bedtime and then give her a full dose of nurofen before she goes to sleep (as that should last 8 hours). I think if you do that dual dosing thing you are supposed to half the dose of the nurofen as the full dose can only be given every 8 hours.

trinityrocks Sat 02-Jul-05 17:26:11

thanks for your replies, I think I will go.
I have just given her the calpol at about quarter past five and she has gone to bed then aswell so what do I do with the double dosing thing, sorry I'm hopeless at trying to work it out

happymerryberries Sat 02-Jul-05 17:26:52

You can give the normal dose of neurofen as long as you do not give it more frequently than advised. neurofen and paracetamol don't 'add up' IYSWIM as they work in slightly different ways. If you give it mid way between the doses you have a more 'even' antipyretic effect.

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