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Today I surprised myself when doing first aid at school....

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Yorkiegirl Fri 01-Jul-05 21:20:59

Message withdrawn

Flossam Fri 01-Jul-05 21:34:32

It is funny how you stay so calm in these situations isn't it? Well done, I'd like you to come and look after me please!

Whizzz Fri 01-Jul-05 21:35:54

I was also very calm the other day when a friends child got a huge bump on his head. I calmed her down & saw to him. if it had been my DS though I would have been hysterical & running round in circles!

Yorkiegirl Fri 01-Jul-05 22:13:09

Message withdrawn

nutcracker Fri 01-Jul-05 22:19:20

Well done you , could of done with you earlier then

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