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Traverse position at 25 weeks?!

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Melanie150410 Tue 05-Jan-10 14:22:32

I'm now 25 weeks pregnant and my baby is lying across ways, which is proving very painful down my right hand side and wondered if anyone else has experienced this too? I have a low lying placenta and could this be the cause? Is it likely that the baby will stay in this position for some time as I'm currently off work due to these severe pains.

I went to the hospital on New Year's Day and was told it might be due to ligament damage to my tummy muscles and that I need bed rest to recover and it might help the baby move. Now I'm restless.

Any ideas to help move the baby or pls share your experiences with me!!!


Elibean Tue 05-Jan-10 15:54:58

Poor you. Both mine were transverse until around 35 weeks (doens't mean yours will be, not trying to scare you!) and it felt like having swallowed a giant bone sideways. Or something like that.

They can turn up until very late, but both mine turned then either turned back or just didn't engage properly...I had a lowish placenta the second time, but not the first: in my case, it was possibly to do with having a slightly heartshaped uterus. Just easier for them to lie down, iyswim.

I tried every version of hands and knees for ages whilst watching TV, rocking back and forth, etc etc but in the end they turned when they were ready and not a minute before. That said, there are all sorts of available tips for helping babies turn and maybe it works for some!

If you are having bad pains and have been told to rest, though, I'd be careful about overdoing anything too active.

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