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Large mole on back. Getting bigger and bleeding

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OrmIrian Tue 05-Jan-10 09:26:11

Not good is it? <bites nails>

I am going to try to see my GP this week. Can't today as I have meetings most of the day.

Is there anything not scary it could be?

GetOrfMoiLand Tue 05-Jan-10 09:36:31

Oh poor you - I know it is a worry.

It could be a ingrown hair or spot underneath the mole, I suppose. However you are right to go to teh GP and have it checked, I imagine that they will refer you to a dermatlogost.

I had a melanoma on my face about 18 months ago. Was referred to hospital - was seen about 10 days later. Went in, they looked at the mole under some kind of microscope thing that they pressed against it, said it looked 'active' and advised that I had it cut out. They did it there and then - the doctor and nurse were very kind. It was then sent off to a lab, found to be malignant, and i had to go back and have more excised. They analysed this and were satisfied that all was out, I now go for annual check ups to check the other moles on my body for any symptoms.

The scar took a while to heal (and felt painful for ages, strangely) however it is now ok and is easily covered by normal concealer. It did look angry for about 9 months though.

Sorry - rambling on there, but what I think I am trying to say that if it is something sinister it is dealt with easily and quickly, there is no wiating about. So please don't worry (easy for me to say, I was worried sick at the time) as I am suer you will be OK if you find out that the mole is 'something'.

I do have a dread fear that I will have another mole go funny on me - I spent most of my childhood on the beach, both in the UK and in the tropics, where I was sunburned very badly. I wear factor 50 every day now and never sunbathe any more (and make sure dd is slathered in the stuff as well). But I do constatntly keep an eye on moles and freckles and worry if they look a bit odd, which I suppose is good, as it makes me vigilant.

Sorry that you hsavet his to worry about Orm - hopefully you won't hjave to wait about too long before you get it sorted. smile

OrmIrian Tue 05-Jan-10 09:38:54

Thanks getorf. Reassuring to know that even if it is serious it can be dealt with quickly. It's just under my bra strap and it keeps rubbing so I can't forget about it either.

fishie Tue 05-Jan-10 09:40:17

oh dear you don't need this do you. well of course go and get it checked but do you think it is possible that your bra is rubbing when you run?

just i had an actual hole in my back from a badly sited hook, if you think about possible friction on one of your 12milers....

OrmIrian Tue 05-Jan-10 09:43:02

It could be fishie - although my running bra has no catches. But the mole is very big and growing.

CMOTdibbler Tue 05-Jan-10 10:01:38

Whatever it is, you need to have it looked at this week. Phone your GP now and get an appointment. You should then see a dermatologist within 2 weeks.

If it is getting irritated, then whether it is a melanoma or not, then it will probably need to come off as generally its the best choice

OrmIrian Tue 05-Jan-10 11:31:48

Thanks everyone.

Made an appointment for Thursday. Receptionist asked if I was OK about seeing a nurse but when i told her what it was about she said it had to be doctor. Only 'sit and wait' or duty GPs appointment before Thursday and I don't want to be away for work any longer than I need to be.

OrmIrian Thu 07-Jan-10 16:49:37

Not dangerous GP reckons. It's been 'traumatised' by something, poor thing grin Probably my bra strap. But I am being referred to a skin chap who will chop it off and send it off to a lab.

GetOrfMoiLand Thu 07-Jan-10 17:00:24

Oh that's good news Orm - I am glad that he thinks nothing is wrong.

Lol at traumatised moles. Probably is friction burns.

I hope you are feeling less worried now smile

fishie Fri 08-Jan-10 11:42:05

hello orm, good news. you will have to get a new running bra though... i find shock absorber with a cup one size down and band one size up than normal bra is less likely to rub, but i have a broad back.

if yours is narrow then go the other way - smaller band and larger cup. also try not to do it up on the first hook, that is what rubbed on me.

OrmIrian Fri 08-Jan-10 14:40:19

Yes I will fishie. Mine was a bit too 'snug' last year and I've put on weight since hmm

But it has no clasps so I thought it wasn't likely to be that. But I need another anyway.

CMOTdibbler Fri 08-Jan-10 20:12:22

Great that he thinks its traumatised, rather than anything else

FlightAttendant Sat 09-Jan-10 10:29:28

That's good Orm, I'm glad that you have got referral. Make sure they do an excisional or a punch biopsy, NOT a shave. They will know what you mean.

A shave biopsy just slices it off, so that if it does turn out to be nasty, they can't tell how deep it was.

Depth is v important to know.

So just make sure you demand they don't shave it. Otherwise just wait and see and don't google smile Moles can be traumatised, not necessarily anything to worry about.

OrmIrian Mon 11-Jan-10 14:17:27

Thanks flight. I will ask.

I just got a call telling me that due to a cancellation I can go in on Wednesday!

oxocube Mon 11-Jan-10 19:58:46

Good luck OrmIrian.

OrmIrian Tue 12-Jan-10 13:34:54


GetOrfMoiLand Tue 12-Jan-10 13:37:20

Good luck Orm - that is good news. Please don't fret I am sure all will be fine.

Yes my mole was cut out with a scalpel, hopefully they will do the same with yours. It may well be sore for a while though (no shit sherlock) so make sure you have some soft bras which won't rub and catch on your stitches.

let us know how you get on smile

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