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high temperature in ds (14mth) worried :(

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jinglybits Fri 01-Jul-05 01:01:03

ds woke up with a high temp after his midday nap yesterday and it's still just the same. He's very clingy and although just a little sleepier than usual is quite lethargic, interspaced with brief periods of activity. He still babbles away to me at times and can be made to giggle. doesn't seem to be rubbing his ears or anything olthough he does occassionally tug his hair (headache?!) temp at the moment is 39c. How would i know if it was serious? dp away this week so am alone in the flat, just worrying now that its night time! He seems to wake about every 45mins (same as last night) which i presume is when he goes through light sleep and is hot and bothered. he feels really hot, although not sweaty. when he wakes he gives an awful cry please reassure me!

colditz Fri 01-Jul-05 01:03:15

Take him to a and e. I don't mean to worry you but I think one of the first signs of meningitis is a strange cry, I really would take him

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