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Which direction should I rub dd's tummy to help her constipation?

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cupcakes Thu 30-Jun-05 14:29:25

When I did a baby massage course with dd we were taught how to rub their tummies in a circular movement to help with the stool passing through the colon (sorry if that's tmi!!). However, I can't remember if it was clockwise or anti clockwise. We were taught never to rub in the wrong direction as this could encourage things to go the wrong way (!).
Poor thing keeps screaming as if she's passing a brick and then it's only the tiniest of poos. It's because she's not drinking enough...

Can anyone help?

jamiesam Thu 30-Jun-05 14:34:51

Up the right side and down the left side of her tummy...

cupcakes Thu 30-Jun-05 14:37:16

my right? - anti clockwise?

thank you!

jamiesam Thu 30-Jun-05 14:40:34

No, up right side of her tummy and down left side of her tummy.
We used to 'write' on baby tummy 'I L U', except L and U were upside down - do although the I stroke broke the rule, the L and the U are the right way round for the rule?!

luvlymum Thu 30-Jun-05 14:40:45

No, its clockwise I'm sure!

PiccadillyCircus Thu 30-Jun-05 14:41:59

Clockwise I think

cupcakes Thu 30-Jun-05 15:43:52

thank you! I was thinking my right - thank you for setting me right! Have just got home from picking up ds so will see if she will let me give her a tummy rub (she still keeps crying without passing anything).

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