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Appt at the breast clinic - what to expect?

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AddictedtoCrunchies Thu 31-Dec-09 17:17:02

OK, so I went to the doc's Tuesday morning because my left nipple has been misbehaving in recent weeks. Keeps turning inside out and is aching a bit. I did the dreaded Google which only worried me more.

She had a feel and said she couldn't feel anything untoward but that she was going to refer me to the clinic at the hospital.

Had a letter in Wed's post (how quick?) giving me an appt for this Monday. There was a factsheet with it saying they might do a needle biopsy, ultrasound or mammogram.

Is this standard or should I be fretting with the speed of this? What do the above procedures involve? Has anyone else been through this and can explain to me what will happen?

Any experiences would be helpful please ladies ...


KurriKurri Thu 31-Dec-09 17:42:27

Don't fret over the speed, that is fairly standard.
You will probably be examined by a consultant, who will decide which of the tests you need.

The ultrasound is painless, requires you to lie on your back with your arm over your head, and they round the ultra sound over you. Takes about 15 mins.

Mammogram, you stand in front of the machine and your breast are scanned in turn. A little uncomfortable, but doesn't take long. It squashes your breast a bit.

Needle biopsy, you will probably et a local aneasthetic in the area, then an instrument is used to remove a piece of the tissue. IT sort of punches in and you feel a tugging sensation. They may take a couple of these.

When I had mine it took two weeks for the biopsy results to get back. But the consultant had told me what he thought was the problem on the first visit. HTH. Good luck.

KurriKurri Thu 31-Dec-09 17:47:09

run the ultra sound, get a local. Sorry -typos.

Northernlebkuchen Thu 31-Dec-09 17:50:49

Yes this is standard - it's a bloody good service - quicker than you'd expect! There will be breast care nurses as well as docs in the clinic and the whole thing should be very focused on getting you the information you need. Wear something comfy and easy to take off and on because there will probably be a fair bit of that.

catinthehat2 Thu 31-Dec-09 17:57:26

Needle biopsy intersting as well. I had three in the same session, and although they sent them away to be looked at , it was quite clear they had slurped out all sorts of obvious crap (3 different sorts of yuk!) which they were able to tell me about there and then, so worries were immediatley over.

Good things - speed of appt, skill and vast experience/knowledge of staff, the fact I was sent out with a song in my heart there and then.

BAd things - seeing one lady who was a bit upset as she clearly has to go on for further tests that afternoon and wasn't booted out of the door like me.

Winetimeisfinetime Thu 31-Dec-09 17:58:59

I had to go to the Breast Clinic in the Summer and they did what Kurri describes.

The breast specialist nurse first did a physical examination of my breast and immediately said that I had hormonal changes in the area of my breast I was worried about.

Then mammograms - 4 of these, 2 top views and 2 side views. Then ultrasound just of the specific area and then another mammogram because the first view wasn't good enough. Then back in to see the breast specialist nurse who gave me my results. They were all very kind, reassuring and ultra efficient.

I went because of persistant breast pain so was non priority but was still senn within 10 days so I wouldn't read anything to how quickly they are seeing you - I think they are just very quick to get everyone in and it could be that they have had some cancellations due to the New Year.

Hope it all goes well for you and that you get the all clear.

uglymugly Thu 31-Dec-09 18:51:52

I don't have experience of breast problems, but I just wanted to post from the perspective I have from the other side, so to speak.

As others have said, the speed of getting the appointment is standard. When I worked at our local hospital, the changes brought in by government targets caused problems for just about every specialty, except for the breast clinic which had already been offering speedy appointments for quite some time.

Don't forget that a lot of the pre-diagnostic stuff is done through routine mammograms, which frees up clinic time for patients coming through via referrals by GPs. By the sounds of it, your GP faxed through your referral, which again is pretty standard, and it's likely that the breast clinic admin people themselves sent out your appointment letter. I really only had contact with the admins/secretaries, and they were also lovely people, who would always respond as quickly and as caringly as they could, either by setting up appointments or talking with patients on the phone.

I hope all goes well for you on Monday.

AddictedtoCrunchies Thu 31-Dec-09 18:56:14

Thanks ever so much for your replies ladies. I feel a little less worried now.

AddictedtoCrunchies Tue 05-Jan-10 09:56:10

I went and have been given the all clear. Happy days. grin

KurriKurri Tue 05-Jan-10 11:45:45

grin grin for you Addicted, well done - what a relief!

CharlieM02 Thu 28-Jan-16 22:32:33

Hi I recently had a similar experience to this and I describe the whole experience from finding the lump to getting it removed! I hope this helps anyone!!

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