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Spider Bite

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Saacsmum Thu 30-Jun-05 04:01:07

I am in NZ. I have been biten on the arm by a white tail spider. I feel ok, a bit nauseous and headachy and the site is red and swollen but mostly Im fine. My question is can the venom effect my breastfed ds?

BadgerBadger Thu 30-Jun-05 10:38:07

Hi, I honestly have no idea, venomous spider bites aren't really an issue here in Manchester UK!
It might be best to contact La Leche League in NZ for advice about this.

Hope you're feeling better

slug Thu 30-Jun-05 13:29:10

From memory, the only poisonous spider is the katipo, which is small and lives in rocky beaches in the far north. Other spiders do bite (and hurt!) but aren't actually poisonous. Could you be having an allergic reaction?

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