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Do you carry a donor card?

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QueenEagle Wed 29-Jun-05 23:11:40

Misdee's post re Peter made me think about this again tonight. I always say i am going to get a card but have never got round to it, even though all my family know I would want my organs to be donated.

Think it's high time I actually got one.

hunkermunker Wed 29-Jun-05 23:12:07

Yes. Everyone knows my wishes too. Well, those who are likely to have a say!

MarsLady Wed 29-Jun-05 23:12:31


Nemo1977 Wed 29-Jun-05 23:13:35

yes i have it on my driving licence and am registered as is dh...and god forbid anything happened everyone knows my wishes...the only thing i have not put on is my eyes...dont know why?

paolosgirl Wed 29-Jun-05 23:14:15

Yes, always, and my family know how much it means to me. I can completely understand how traumatic it must be for a family to give the consent - and I think even though you carry a donor card, your family still have to give the go-ahead.

fairyfly Wed 29-Jun-05 23:15:52

Nope, i don't , just like i forget my keys, cashcard, handbag, sense, i think it is impothat your mates and family know you don't mind though

jessicasmummy Wed 29-Jun-05 23:16:34

im registered as a part of my driving license.

QueenEagle Wed 29-Jun-05 23:17:15

I have discussed this too with my older 3 kids. They have all said they would want to be donors too. dh is not forthcoming about his wishes so if anything happened to him I'm not sure whether to give consent on his behalf or not. On balance I think I would say yes.

jayzmummy Wed 29-Jun-05 23:20:01

Both DH and I do and we are also on the register.

QueenEagle Wed 29-Jun-05 23:22:22

Does anybody give blood too?

What about bone marrow?

jayzmummy Wed 29-Jun-05 23:22:57

I cant give blood but would dearly want to. DH does.

kcemum Wed 29-Jun-05 23:24:46

I give blood and have a rare blood group so it's in demand.

Janh Wed 29-Jun-05 23:27:29

You can register online - misdee posted a link to this recently.

But I think your next of kin has to consent even if you are registered, so it's important to make sure they know how you feel.

wordsmith Wed 29-Jun-05 23:31:02

I carry a donor card and I give blood. Personally I think you should opt out rather than in when it comes to organ donation.

QueenEagle Wed 29-Jun-05 23:32:31

I have just discussed this with dh who insists he would not want to be a donor.

Frankly I'm shocked even though I know it's his personal choice.

hunkermunker Thu 30-Jun-05 00:10:23

I have given blood once and tried again twice more. My veins don't give up their blood easily - they stopped trying after they'd stuck both arms and not a drop of blood Always find it difficult to get blood from me for blood tests - often have to go into my hand! I persuade other people to do it and will try again to give blood myself.

Janh Thu 30-Jun-05 00:12:55

DHs can be shocking sometimes, can't they, QE? Mine didn't see anything wrong with Live8 tickets being sold on ebay.

kama Thu 30-Jun-05 00:20:32

Message withdrawn

potty1 Thu 30-Jun-05 08:56:27

I can't give blood anymore (due to transfusion) but I'm on the bone marrow list and apparently they assess the risk with regard to vCJD if you are found to be a match to someone.

I lso carry a card and I'm registered as organ donor. It's obviously a very personal decision but misdee's situation could happen to anyone and indeed my dd may need a transplant in the future.

Please make your wishes known

dyzzidi Thu 30-Jun-05 09:02:53

I'm registered and i carry a donor card but my DP thinks its wrong. Idiot. I always snap at him when we have our children if god forbid they may need medical help by the way of Donors he will soon change his mind.

I think some people bury their head until they personally know someone who could benefit.

lilaclotus Thu 30-Jun-05 09:10:45

yes and i am now registered. i, for years, really objected to it but i've recently changed my mind.

QueenEagle Thu 30-Jun-05 12:23:41

kama I think it shocked me as I assumed he would have similar views to mine on this. He isn't religious in any way at all so I assumed he wouldn't be too bothered about what happened to his body after he died. He did say he would be worried they would start cutting him up before he was properly dead though!!

If anything were to happen to my kids I would consent to their organs being donated too. Well the older 3 said they would want to anyway but I would consent to ds3 and ds4 who are 2 and a half and 6 months repectively. However, dh has said that he would not consent to the youngest 2 being donors "as they wouldn't have the informed choice or consent."

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