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susanb Sun 08-Jun-03 19:01:53

I think thats how its spelt!! I've been to my GP with a sore breast, she couldn't feel any lumps but could feel (like me) something like fatty tissue or she said it could be a cyst. Its quite painful and she has referred me to the breast clinic at hospital. I have to say, I'm a little concerned as something of that nature can be scary to contemplate but wondered if anyone else has anything similar??

lou33 Sun 08-Jun-03 19:11:52

I have! It's called a fibroadenoma (if we are talking about the same thing), aka a breast mouse!. I was about 17 when I first discovered it, and investigated. They didn't do anything about it until about 2 years later when it started getting more painful and growing, then they whipped it out. I have the tiniest scar, and no trouble since. They are basically harmless fatty lumps. I think the way the initially decide a diagnosis is if the lump is moveable or not. Something moveable is less likely to be serious I was told. I've also had a cyst which went away of it's own accord eventually.Hth.

Gilli Sun 08-Jun-03 19:15:44

I have had two fibroadenomas, both removed, and a third which is there now. They are basically harmless benign growths, and very often taking them out causes others to grow, but they will remove them if they are growing. I honestly don't think you need to worry about it: my surgeon said that anything nasty is almost always painless, and that's why they so often go unnoticed.

susanb Sun 08-Jun-03 21:54:01

Thanks so much for your quick replies. I've never had anything like this before and to be honest, my boobs have never been sore apart during puberty and pregancy! So I noticed straightaway when I started getting pain. I should get an appointment at the Breast Clinic in the next week or two so hopefully everything will be okay.

Thanks again

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