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temperature alert-help needed

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jollymum Wed 29-Jun-05 15:47:21

My 10yr old was ill yesterday, throwing up v. high temps. Brought them down with calpol, 10mls each time. Now she is on 103.4, is this dangerous? She's v hot but OK in herself, just flushed and sweaty. Advice please?

SoupDragon Wed 29-Jun-05 15:50:17

You can give nurofen syrup as well as the paracetamol. You stagger the doses (IIRC, paracetamol is every 4 hours, nurofen every 6)

lilaclotus Wed 29-Jun-05 15:50:47

might sound a bit silly, but have you tried a cold wet flannel on her forehead? that always helps with me to get fevers down.

Mum2girls Wed 29-Jun-05 16:15:20

or give her a luke warm bath if she's up to it.

nell12 Wed 29-Jun-05 19:34:38

keep up her fluids and ring gp / nhs direct

lilaclotus Wed 29-Jun-05 20:34:48

jollymum, is she any better now?

PrettyCandles Wed 29-Jun-05 20:52:47

If she still has such a high temp for over 24h, I would be inclined to call the doctor - or, at this hour, NHS Direct. I've had temps that high as a child, and apart from being ill (usually bronchitis) I was fine. But I was always seen by the GP.

I think that if you stagger Nurofen and Calpol then you give the Calpol at 6h intervals as well, so the child gets a dose of one or the other every 3h.

jollymum Thu 30-Jun-05 14:45:27

Thanks, guys. She's better now but has tinsilitis I think. Happy to be skiving at home with me too!!!

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