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AAGGHH dd (4) has another recurrence of Glandular Fever

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lucy5 Wed 29-Jun-05 12:39:01

When will this ever end? This is three times in 18 months. She has just started primary school and am wondering if the long day has done it to her. She should have broken up tommorrow, so at least she can rest. I just dont know what to do this is twice in 6 months. I feel so sorry for her she is so lethargic and feels like poo.

bigdonna Wed 29-Jun-05 21:28:25

your poor dd .What did the doctor say to do ,i know when i had it as a teenager they could not give me anythingi remember my sisters saying to me just tell us how we can help you,as all i did was cry for about a month.i hope she feels better soon.

lucy5 Thu 30-Jun-05 11:26:55

Thanks, nothing can be done except rest, not really an option for a 4 year old. Theyve given me something to build her immune system up as this is the third attack. At least its summer hols so shes not missing too much school like last time.

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