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Anyone had PSD whilst pg and still suffering

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bargainhuntingbetty Wed 23-Dec-09 14:28:44

My youngest is 6 and I very occasionally get pain from my psd still but just lately with trecking through the piles and piles of snow and running up and down sledging hills with the dc's it is absolutely killing me. Anyone else still suffer?????

bargainhuntingbetty Wed 23-Dec-09 14:30:20


2Shoots Wed 23-Dec-09 14:32:12

I occasionally get a twinge.
have a friend who is very bad with it and ended up in a wheelchair while pg and still suffers with it now

bargainhuntingbetty Wed 23-Dec-09 14:34:38

As I say my dd is 6 and it is only in the last few days with all the snow but it is sorer than it has ever been since I had her (but nothing like when I was pg). I thought it went away??

catbus Wed 23-Dec-09 14:34:39

Yes; mine is always set off by moving something too heavy with my foot or leaping over big gaps..My youngest is 2, but it has been bitching on and off since first birth 11 years ago..With my last pregnancy, spd kicked in at 8 weeks and was horrendous!sometimes I wear 'the belt' they gave me for during pregnancy which is great if you don't want to sit down. Driving can set it off too.

catbus Wed 23-Dec-09 14:35:31

I think once you've had it it will always make you susceptible in that pelvic region!

bargainhuntingbetty Wed 23-Dec-09 14:37:16

Oh wonderful. I hope it does not get any worse, turning over in bed last night was horrendous and I need sleep with 2 excited dc's in the house tomorrow (and today as school was cancelled due to the snow).

catbus Wed 23-Dec-09 14:40:11

Try to do what you were probably taught in pregnancy; turn over with knees together; pillow between them when on 23rd December though??? Mine broke up last Friday!

bargainhuntingbetty Wed 23-Dec-09 14:41:51

Yeah we were not meant to break up until tomorrow and then they dont go back until the 11th Jan shock

catbus Wed 23-Dec-09 14:49:10

Woah! Mind you, I reckon I could get on with having hyped up kids taking it out on their teachers until Christmas Eve! I would get a lot more done..Hope the spd spate doesn't last too long. Mine seems to come in waves and tbh is much more painful around period time. Grrrrrrrrrr

bargainhuntingbetty Wed 23-Dec-09 14:53:09

Thank you for the replies. At least I know it does come back and I am not a raving lunatic lol./

ladyinpain Sat 16-Jul-11 20:40:53

Hi there ladies, I was diagnosed with SPD with the pregnancy of my 3rd child very early (1st trimester) on in my pregnancy and it was a horrible experiance. I was in pain 24/7 just like the rest of you, you know the SPD complications... 3-4 months postpartum I did alot of heavy lifting and now suffer from pain in my RSI joint? Anyone else have a simular situation?

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