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upset and just want to moan

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linzoid Sat 07-Jun-03 21:56:37

My 4 yr old ds is suffering terribly with hayfever. His eyes are twice the size, red and itchy. He's sneezing and his nose is blocked up too. We have had a crap week as his behaviour is equally as bad and today myself and dp have just not been able to tolerate it very easily. I have given him antihistamine and eye drops four times a day. The doc says we have tried evrything there is now. I am feeling sooooo pissed off. Dp isn't helping matters either and i have got really bad pmt that lasts for 2 weeks at a time. My nanna has gone into hospital with a bad heart and my uncle is dying from a brain tumour.
o.k moan over!

cazzybabs Sat 07-Jun-03 22:02:26

Nothing useful to say (well do I ever?), but loads of hugs and a vitual large g&T. Am thinking of you!

whymummy Sat 07-Jun-03 22:02:46

linzoid,i am sorry about your situation,everything seems to go wrong at the same time,i don`t have any experience with hayfever,sorry,i hope your nanna pulls through and you all feel better soon
lots of cyber hugs((((((())))))))

leese Sat 07-Jun-03 22:04:09

linzoid - can't help with anything practically, but will go to bed tonight sending masses of positive energy your way, and I'll say a little prayer for you and yours. Hugs

beetroot Sat 07-Jun-03 22:19:37

Message withdrawn

Tortington Sat 07-Jun-03 22:42:55

lots of hugs for you linzoid hope things get easier soon xxxxx

jodee Sat 07-Jun-03 23:04:15

Feel free to let rip on here, Linzoid - what a horrible situation for you. Hope your ds is on the mend soon - thinking of you, and hoping tomorrow brings a better day. xxxxx

robinw Sun 08-Jun-03 08:03:06

message withdrawn

jac34 Sun 08-Jun-03 08:29:17

I 'd agree with Robin W,
As conventional medicine has failed, try some alternative therapies, for your PMS and DS's Hayfever. Take advise on what you try, but homeopathy has some very good remedies for allergies.
My sympathies with your other situations.

rollercoaster Sun 08-Jun-03 16:44:51

I tried lots of different remedies and medicines. Clarytin seems to work for DS ( prescription only )- though he still sniffs and sneezes a bit - there is a remarkable change. HTH

lou33 Sun 08-Jun-03 17:21:46

Linzoid I hope you get the hayfever problem sorted quickly, it can be awful can't it? Best wishes to you, your nanna and your uncle too.

Beetroot can you let me know if the spoon thing works, my eyes get really bad first thing?

Rosiemum Sun 08-Jun-03 17:38:47

I'd be wary of putting spoons in the freezer to use over eyes - you could end up giving him freezer burn! Try putting the spoons in the fridge - coolness without the danger of frostbite.

Boe Mon 09-Jun-03 09:12:17

We had the same sort of problem with my daughter - they were reluctant to give us any sort of medication though. In the end I was advised by a friend who had lived in the middle east for most of her life that they are given Phenagan out there - it is frowned on over here as makes kids a bit drowsy and I think lots of nasty people were drugging their children!! Was hell on earth to get hold of though - had to go to a really old creepy pharmacy!!

Now I give my daughter a little when she is really bad and it stops the sneezing and itching and she does not even get drowsey anymore. My partner has started to take is as he says that it is more effective than his prescription medicine.

M2T Mon 09-Jun-03 09:39:18

Boe - I have LOADS of phenergan in my bathroom cabinet! I was prescribed it when I was pregnant as I have allergies. It was the only antihistamine that I could safely take and also, it helped with my morning sickness.

My 2 brothers were both prescribed it in liquid form to help with the itching of their excema. But it did knock them out.

Linzoid - my sister and I both had terrible hay fever from a very young age... although the itching eyes symptom seems to have disappeared through time. We tried cocktails of drugs year in year out and finally settled with:

Rhinolast Nasal Spray
Becotide Steroid Inhaler. (I'm asthamtic too)

I still take these and my hay fever has been quite controlled for the past 3 years.

I really do sympathise... everyone's hay fever symptoms are different and equally distressing. I hope your Doc doesn't give in just yet as there must be hundreds of different combinatinos that he hasn't tried.

Good luck..

beetroot Mon 09-Jun-03 13:26:56

Message withdrawn

lou33 Mon 09-Jun-03 13:58:33

Thanks beetroot, I'll give it a go.

calcium Mon 09-Jun-03 17:24:37

linzoid - I'm with you my dd seems to have developed an allergy to tomatoes, well we think thats what it is, she had the most awful welts all over her face and scratched her swollen eyes to pieces, I took her to the doctor to talk about a referal to the allergy clinic at the hospital and was told there was nothing they could do, she also has the most awful pin prick rash all over her body. I lost my father recently , my mother a couple of years ago, I am having a really bad time at work, trying to clear through all the stuff in my family house and sell it which is prooving a nightmare due to probate, I feel s*** as well constantly tired dd is just about sleeping through after a year blah blah blah... why are doctors so un helpful, great if you have a cold or are elderly but useless if you have an ounce of intelligence and have made the effort to look into things, sorry anyone whos a doctor out there !!
Try to be positive and as for the pmt does your dh say you have it everytime you have a go? that really winds me up!!

Boe Mon 09-Jun-03 17:41:34

Well am glad not the only mum in the world to have used phenergan - pharmacist looked at me really strangly when I asked for it!!

I now have to go 25 miles to a chemist that will sell me it!!

Give it a go though it is great - good for travel sickness too apparently!!

lucy123 Mon 09-Jun-03 17:43:28

Linzoid - I feel for you as my dp used to have this kind of hayfever and that was bad enough, with a child it must be awful.

The thing that worked for him was a once a summer injection called Kenalog or something (but the doctors didn't like giving it and I imagine you can't give it to a child). Possibly worth asking about.

But have you tried giving him a teaspoonful of local honey a day? The honey *must* be local, so you'd have to buy it from a roadside stall, craftshop or farmer's market but apparently it can work. Or going for a holiday at the seaside?

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