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Pizotifen for migraine

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ETsmum Wed 29-Jun-05 08:12:06


Have been taking pizotifen to help prevent migraine for a few months now. Currently on 2 x 0.5mg tablets, taken at night. I take them for 10 days of my cycle and my migraines seem to be hormone related. This is a reduction from 3 tablets as the higher dose was making me SO tired. Thing is, the 2 tablets still make me feel really tired and groggy, especially the 1st day or 2 that I take them.

Just wondering if anyone else has/is taking these and what dose worked for you? They do seem to help control my migraines, but would one tablet be enough? So do not want the migraines back!

Socci Wed 29-Jun-05 12:17:30

Message withdrawn

biglips Wed 29-Jun-05 12:23:16

sorry i cant help you on the pizotifen tabs but my DP is on voltoral (as it helps to relax his brain nerves when he got a migraine coming on as he have VERY severe migraines and he need to take one as soon a migraine is coming on)

sweetkitty Wed 29-Jun-05 12:32:07

Been on Pizotifen preDD for a while, they were great for preventing migraines but I sometimes felt a bit groggy and I wouldn't take them at weekends as you can't drink alcohol whilst taking them. My migraines were stress/lack of sleep related so I very rarley ahd one at the weekend anyway.

Sorry that doesn't seem to help you, I would cut back to one tablet see how you get on, good luck!

suedonim Wed 29-Jun-05 13:41:18

I took pizotifen for migraine a few years ago. Nightmare!! They made me so sleepy and also increased my appetite so that even the newspaper looked attractive enough to eat. They didn't make much difference to the migraine, either.

ETsmum Wed 29-Jun-05 16:34:25

Thanks for the replies. Was just interested in others experiences as woke after a decent nights sleep feeling reallyrtired and groggy this am. Suedonim, interesting re the hunger thing....I do seem to get the munchies a lot, but thought this was related to running round after a toddler! Might mention it to the gp next time I see her....

Sweetkitty pleased for you that you know what your triggers are. Have been unable to pinpoint anything specific with mine, think they may be caused by several factors combined. I try to avoid the obv food triggers, get a decent nights sleep etc. And the Pizotifen ARE working. Going to see how I feel tomorrow I think and take it from there....1st day back on is always the worst!

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