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DS has cut his head, still bleeding....what should I do?

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emmatmg Tue 28-Jun-05 18:09:56


Not sure how it happened but DS2 fell off the bench in the play ground at school early and his top/front of his head hit the floor before anything else did.

Lots of blood, instantly streaming down his face. We ran to the medical room and he was cleaned up.

The cut itself is about 1 cm long and looks like someone has jabbed him in the head with a long finger nail.

It's sealed together now but is still bleeding enough to need wiping quite often.

Medical staff said he didn't need to go to a&e but I'm just a bit worried about it still bleeding.

Do you think that's ok?

DH is at work so getting to a&e with 3 ds's now would be a quite a mission.
He hasn't got any concusion symptons and has been happy and playing all afternoon.

HellKat Tue 28-Jun-05 18:12:18

If in doubt, ring NHS direct or gp for advice. Tbh though, if he's content and now showing concussion signs I'd leave it until tomorrow. How old is he?

StrugstuWaitingForThePostman Tue 28-Jun-05 18:15:28

it may be too late for stitching - there is about a six hour window for stitching wounds. i'd be inclined to lie him on the sofa and apply pressure to the wound for good 10 mins that should stop it .


vwvic Tue 28-Jun-05 18:16:05

Is it being held together with anything?

DD1 did a similar thing on a door frame when she was 2. We used a steri-strip to hold the edges closed, and it did stop bleeding. I would say that you probably do need to get it checked out. Why don't you try calling NHS direct?


Twiglett Tue 28-Jun-05 18:17:32

think the wiping it away may be stoppign the blood clotting at the surface

do the lying down thing and pressure

emmatmg Tue 28-Jun-05 18:18:37

He's 4.

Medical staff said a&e would only glue it and as it wasn't very big and they'd cleaned it well they would probably not do anything.

They said it was my descision...............shit.......I should have gone, shouldn't I?

StrugstuWaitingForThePostman Tue 28-Jun-05 18:23:56

dont beat urself up! if u ring nhs direct they will tell u to go to a&e anyway as they err on the side of caution. thinking logically, he has been happy the rest of the day and u said there was no signs of concusion, it keeps trickling blood (which always looks worse than it is)so sit him on the sofa have a cuddle and apply pressure to the wound. thats what will happen at A&E cos its a bit late for stitching etc.

mears Tue 28-Jun-05 18:26:06

Can put a plaster on it and put pressure on it for a few minutes? Wiping it will disturb the clotting mechanism. If it then continues to bleed through plaster it will need seen.

StrugstuWaitingForThePostman Tue 28-Jun-05 18:51:35

has it stopped?

emmatmg Tue 28-Jun-05 19:20:31

Just tried putting a steri-strip thingy on it but it's just sticking to his hair.

It's not really bleeding as such now, just sort of weeping. There's an area next to the cut that's just skimmed off the top layers of skin, brave little man let me have a good look and the cut isn't pulling apart at all so I think the graze around it might be causing the bleeding/weeping.

HappyHuggy Tue 28-Jun-05 19:25:11

My ds1 ran into a corner of a unit the other week and just had a little cut on his forehead which bled a bit and then he was fine, running round and playing.

Co-incidently i took ds2 too the doctors and the doctor noticed the mark on ds1's head and asked why i hadnt taken him to get checked so i said i go and get him looked at.

(this was about 3 hours after he did it)

Called a taxi and by the we got to the hospital ds1 was unconcious and the staff couldnt rouse him, he was out for a couple of hours and then was perfectly normal again!

not trying to scare you or anything, but just keep an eye on him


emmatmg Tue 28-Jun-05 19:36:44


Whizzz Tue 28-Jun-05 19:38:53

I think with head injuries, if they are OK in the first hour then they should be ok. You just have to watch for any sickness, if they go quiet or floppy. I'll try & find a link

Whizzz Tue 28-Jun-05 19:43:17

some tips

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