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7 new teeth, sore throat and infected ear!!! Help

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FIZZCAT Tue 28-Jun-05 14:06:24


My 14 months old DS has finally starting teething 2 days ago, in addition his throat is really sore, glandsare up and he has an ear infection. He hasnt eaten anthing for two days, even getting him to open his mouth for Calpol is difficult, he is just a screaming wreck, his mother is an emotional one

Does anyone have any ideas as to what to give him for the various pains, what I cam tempt him with to eat, he has even refused yoghurt, his fav.

Doctor prescribed antibiotics and then said If I were you I would let him fight it on his own and not give them to him.

So I am confused, knackered and distraught, as is my DS, he wont stop crying.

How long can they go without any food, he wants to eat but his teeth and throat are making it too painful

Please help


starlover Tue 28-Jun-05 14:09:53

if he has an ear infection then give him the antibiotics!

earache is really horrible, especially when you have a sore throat and 7 new teeth!

TracyK Tue 28-Jun-05 14:15:52

can you get him to take calpol with a syrynge? you could just squeeze it into the corner of his mouth? one pain meds kick in - he'll maybe eat more? make sure he's drinking loads - give him milk or formula too?

FIZZCAT Tue 28-Jun-05 14:34:52


I was just contemplating the antibiotics, Doc just sounded so against them it sort of puts you off. The Syringe is a great idea I will go and see if the chemist has one is stock.

He has just fallen asleep, totally worn out, poor thing.

He is back to breast feeding hourly, I had only recently got him down to twice a day, back to square one on the weaning stakes

I was thinking of making custard, it may help

Thanks for the advice

Worn out Fizzcat

HappyMumof2 Tue 28-Jun-05 14:50:13

Message withdrawn

starlover Tue 28-Jun-05 15:07:16

your doctor is odd fizzcat! lol

give the antibiotics! if you've ever had an ear infection you know how painful it is.

i don't have a prob with antibioics unless people are having them ALL the time. my brother had a lot of ear troubles when he was little and ended up being immune to nearly all forms of antibiotics!

i am sure he will perk up really soon once the ear infection starts to subside!

FIZZCAT Tue 28-Jun-05 21:52:16

Well, he has now had calpol, bonjela, antibiotics, but still really fretful. It has taken me all night to get him to sleep. Still cant eat, but he wants to, its so sad.

I think the doc was a bit mad. I have only just moved to the area so dont know whos who yet at the surgery. He gave me a real guilt trip over the AB and said that next time DS got ill his body would be less able to fight the infection if I gave him AB.

Sorry if the standard of writing is all over the place, several sleepless nights and days have just got to me.

Really worrying over how to feed him. If his teething keeps going all week what shall I give him to eat. He just keeps refusing everything, but is obviously hungry as he keeps trying to eat, then bursting into tears once iits in his mouth.

I even made a mild, milky custard thinking it would be ok, but he cried with that too.

Any suggestions would be welcome

Thanks for the support, really needed it today!
. Its difficult having just moved to the area with no body to call up and get round for a supportive coffee and natter


TracyK Wed 29-Jun-05 08:25:13

Is he still drinking milk Fizzcat? bm or formula? if so then that should see him through ok. I'm sure a week or so of just milk won't do them any harm. Was the milk hot or cold - metal or plastic spoon? maybe some mushy banana that he can use his fingers to eat would work? maybe doesn't like a spoon in his mouth if its still a bit sore. or maybe it hurt him previously and he's scared it'll still be sore?
Where bouts are you Fizzcat?

FIZZCAT Wed 29-Jun-05 21:52:22


I have just moved to Wareham in Dorset, from Inverness, so a real long move!!!

He is still breast feeding, in fact has barely stopped today, trouble is, I dont have a lot for him as I was weaning him down to twice a day, he now wants it hourly

I tried him with mashed banana and he put it in his mouth then burst out crying and spat it out.

I managed to buy some of those organc HP pots of baby porridge, and he managed one today, hardly the height of nutrition, but better than nothing.

I figured that early baby food must be bland so that would work.

He is so hungry though, really wants food, just cant get it down, its so upsetting.

You were right about the spoon though, I syringed the baby porridge into his mouth and he took that happily.

Hopefully the AB wil kick in by tommorow, fingers crossed. At least there is a baby group on Thursday to take his mind off the pain.

Oh well, must carry on, thanks for the message, feel bit more supported


starlover Wed 29-Jun-05 21:54:54

oh fizzcat the doctor is ridiculous. one course of antibiotics will NOT affect him in the future!
you CAN become immune to AB's... but only if you have them a LOT!
what an idiot!
How could he possibly suggest that you leave a 14month old in pain with an ear infection!

I'd be really angry if i were you!

Glad you have managed to get some food into him. It probably is really painful to swallow if he has earache AND sore throat... as you say though, the antibiotics ought to kick in soon.

TracyK Thu 30-Jun-05 09:02:11

God you are so lucky to live in Dorset. I moved from Glasgow to Poole and then Dorchester - but then (sob) moved to Bedford 5 years ago. I still come down to visit friends every couple of months. Its a lovely part of the world.
How is ds today?

FIZZCAT Thu 30-Jun-05 10:13:10


I have to admit now the worry is wearing off I am getting angry about it, despite the AB's his glands in his neck are still inflamed and hard.

I have another appointment booked for the Docs on Monday and I will have a word then.

Thankfully we managed to get some more of the horrid tnned baby rice/porridge down him this morning and a v small piece of very buttery soggy toast.

He had a bad night last night and was up at 5 this morning, and has now fallen asleep in his pram.

I am going to have a go at making a really soft white sauce and mash up a little chiken in it later, see if he will take it.

Still BF like mad, I had forgotton how much it can hurt , if they are at it all day.

Traceyk, Wareham is lovely, its a fab place to live and I think once we get really settled I will never want to move away, its always horrid first up when you move. Sounds like you know that only too well!

Okay, he is waking up, better go

Thanks for being there

A hallucinating with tierdness Fizzcat

TracyK Thu 30-Jun-05 11:22:59

take him down to the beach and get him an ice cream - that'll be nice and cool on his throat.

foxinsocks Thu 30-Jun-05 14:56:31

Fizzcat, I have tonsillitis at the moment (and I'm in my 30s!! thought only kids got this!!) and I probably feel like your 14 month does at the moment!

Is he old enough to have ice lollies - like the ones you push up (I've forgotten what they're called)? Ice is great because it gets water into them and also numbs your throat making you feel automatically better.

Try and up his liquids - even if it means you spooning little bits in because that will aid his recovery.

As for his food, try to give him mush because chewing a lot will probably hurt his ears and throat. Hope he feels better soon.

FIZZCAT Fri 01-Jul-05 22:31:30


Anyway, had a rather nasty day today, turns out that on top of everything the little dab is allergic to penicillin, so after all that debate and worry, yet another thing goes wrong. Last night he came out in the huge hive type blothes, they then disappeared, but came back even worse today, when I realised that they appeared about 15 mins after I had given his his next dose of AB. His breathing also went a bit funny, so I went on instinct and got him to the Doctors who took him off them asap.

Arghhhhhh, week from hell

Ive got to dash, he has just woken up again

Fizz cat

foxinsocks Sat 02-Jul-05 10:40:17

Poor you, hope he feels better soon (and you get some rest!). I eventually went to doc and got some penicillin and it only took about 24 hours before I was feeling much better so hopefully the new antibs will sort him out.

KiwiKate Sat 02-Jul-05 10:59:23

Hi Fizzcat. Hope things are getting better. I agree with all the others. What an ass to prescribe something and then make you feel guilty about giving them to him. My DH had terrible ear trouble as a kid, and if he did not get antibiotics in time he ended up with a burst eardrum (13 times this happened to him). So you can't muck about with it and did the right thing giving ABs. Sorry about the allergy - but at least you were alert (despite sleep depraviation - well done!!) and got him proper medical help immediately

If you don't have enough Bmilk you can try other liquids through a syringe including formula/normal milk. Also ice-cream helps cool the gums and throat and numb the pain.

Hope you (and DS) are getting some sleep.

Hang in there. Should not go on too long hopefully!

FIZZCAT Sun 03-Jul-05 18:57:55

Good News

He is much better. eating, playing and genrally back to creating mad mayhem in the house, unfortunately has got himself into the waking several times a night habit now,

His neck glands are still up, but he is doing much better.

DH looked after him all morning today while I went back to bed, pure luxury, apparently I didnt even wake up when my delightful DS marched in banging a drum

So hopefully it will just be teething I have to deal with this week. I am planning on having lots of activities planned to take his mind off it.

Thanks for the virtual tea and sympathy , much appreciated.

Isnt sleep fab when you finally get it

love a feeling all toether better Fizzcat,

KiwiKate Mon 04-Jul-05 04:27:41

The waking is not necessarily out of habit. He still might feel a little unwell at night. My DS is usually unsettled for 2 or 3 nights after being unwell. So hopefully yours will soon settle down.

Glad to hear that your H is so supportive!

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