Metallic taste in mouth

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Kaloki Fri 18-Dec-09 23:06:30

I've had a really awful metallic taste in my mouth all day, nothing I eat seems to shift it, and I've tried brushing my teeth (and tongue).

It's a little annoying, so does anyone have any ideas of what it could be, or how to stop it?

I've not had any new medication, haven't bitten my tongue, definitely haven't been eating or licking metal objects. <confused>

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Mistymoo Fri 18-Dec-09 23:07:51

Could you be pregnant? This is sometimes a symptom.

MarjoryMoores Fri 18-Dec-09 23:08:17

Are you pregnant - I had this within days of conceiving. Disappeared after a day or so.

Mistymoo Fri 18-Dec-09 23:10:17

Great minds MarjoryMoores

jkklpu Fri 18-Dec-09 23:11:33

yup, sounds like it to me - congratulations

Kaloki Fri 18-Dec-09 23:15:03

I'll keep my fingers crossed, my period is supposed to be due in the next 2-3 days. Though I seem to be showing all the symptoms of my period being due? Such mixed signals!

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LittleMontyontheDustyRoad Fri 18-Dec-09 23:18:17

I've heard on here before that it's a sign of pregnancy. Then I remembered having it myself years ago, and yes it turned out I would have been pg then.


nigglewiggle Fri 18-Dec-09 23:19:23

Sounds promising to me. I had metallic taste, but also sore boobs and slight cramps. Get a test!!!!

Kaloki Fri 18-Dec-09 23:22:38

I had sore boobs a couple of days ago, along with cramps, I assumed that was period pain.. hmm.. now I need to try not to get my hopes up too high. How great an Xmas present would that be?

Somebody tell me that I'm reading it wrong so I don't get too excited!

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nigglewiggle Fri 18-Dec-09 23:30:24

Surely there is an all-night chemist on the corner of your street and then we will know grin.

Kaloki Fri 18-Dec-09 23:32:33

Is it worth testing before my period is actually due?

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nigglewiggle Fri 18-Dec-09 23:34:47

Yes you can get tests now that you can do about 4 days before.

MadameMoe Fri 18-Dec-09 23:36:17

TBH it's always best to wait until your period is late.

Still, I think congratulations are in order grin

Kaloki Fri 18-Dec-09 23:41:46

I'm about 2 days away from a period so think it's best to wait. Though my fiance says he'll go out and buy me a test tomorrow to use next week, seeing as I currently can't walk. How typical is that timing?!

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Kaloki Fri 18-Dec-09 23:42:59

Also, if I am pregnant then that's typical, we've barely had sex this month, been too busy getting ready to move house!

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nigglewiggle Fri 18-Dec-09 23:47:53

Tis the season for immaculate conception wink.

I will keep an eye on this thread for an update, but I bet you do the test tomorrow if he gets one!!

Kaloki Sat 19-Dec-09 00:01:00


Will update you all as soon as I know!

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alypaly Sat 19-Dec-09 00:03:00

all these things can cause a metallic taste in your mouth....
Copper Toxicity (Metallic Taste)
Dental Caries (Foul Taste)
Dental Conditions (Bad Taste)
Fluctuation in Estrogen Levels (Metallic Taste)
Gastritis (Foul Taste)
Gastro-esophageal Reflux Disease (Bitter Taste)
Heartburn (Acid Taste)
Jaundice (Bitter Taste)
Lead Poisoning (Metallic Taste)
Medications like Antibiotics, Prenatal Vitamins and Antidepressants (Metallic Taste)
Mercury Poisoning (Metallic Taste)
Oral Infections like Gingivitis or Periodontitis (Metallic Taste)
Poor Oral Hygiene (Metallic Taste)
Postnasal Drip (Foul Taste)
Pyrosis (Acid Taste)
Scombrotoxic Fish Poisoning (Metallic Taste)
Selenium Overuse (Metallic Taste)
Tooth abscess (Foul Taste)

Kaloki Sat 19-Dec-09 00:06:15

I don't know what half of those thing are!
But this one sounds scary "Scombrotoxic Fish Poisoning"

Thankyou for that though alypaly, I needed someone to lower my expectations (honestly not being sarky, I really don't want to assume pregnancy then start my period on Sunday)

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alypaly Sat 19-Dec-09 00:15:10

i love that one toosmile

SantaIsMyLoveSlave Sat 19-Dec-09 01:31:03

Anything that causes traces of blood in the mouth tends to create a metallic taste. So if you aren't pregnant it could be a good idea to have an extra dental checkup.

I did have a noticeable metallic taste in my mouth when I was first pregnant with DD, though. It was that that convinced me to test, actually.

RockBird Sat 19-Dec-09 01:33:51

Marking place for update

LittleMontyontheDustyRoad Mon 21-Dec-09 13:17:33

Marks place. smile

RoseBlossoms Mon 21-Dec-09 13:40:36


Dalrymps Mon 21-Dec-09 13:46:37

ditto smile

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