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Child appears to be "malting"!!

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fifilala Mon 27-Jun-05 14:05:35

My ds age 3yrs 4mths has very white/thin hair, which over the last few days appears to be dropping out!!! Hubby's car seat was covered yesterday after a weekend away and his pillow last night was also covered. There are no obvious baldy bits.

Is he getting rid of his "baby" like hair /is it the heat? Also no scaly bits/redness or signs of infection etc

PrettyCandles Mon 27-Jun-05 14:16:31

It could well be that he is moulting. I always used to moult in spring and autumn, particularly in the autumn. If it's not coming out in patches, if there apperas to be new growth, and if it eases off within a few weeks, then I wouldn't worry.

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