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possible paracetemol over dose?

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beansontoast Mon 27-Jun-05 06:00:51

just had bad night with ds,with chicken pox
high temp all night,neither of us slept till it was getting light...then when he woke up again [crying]i gave him more calpol.

the directions say no more than four doses in 24 hrs.
he had a fifth dose at five am, when i was waiting till 7 am to start his 'new day' ..god i cant make sense
so there was a four hour gap between doses but he has had 5 doses in 22 hrs

anyone know how bad that is?

Weatherwax Mon 27-Jun-05 07:34:52

How old/big is he for his age? The Drs at the hospital freaked me out when they gave my dd a huge dose of calpol when she was in there, they said they did the calculations by weight. If you are concerned talk to a Dr who I'm sure will reassure you and just tell you not to do it again. Are you using Ibruprofen? It lasts longer and seems to get those temps down and you can use it with calpol. You seem to spend your life giving them spoonfuls of things but it helps. Also the longer it goes on the more you need a chart on the wall on which you need to write the time of each dose.

Good luck, chicken pox will end

ggglimpopo Mon 27-Jun-05 07:38:47

Message withdrawn

geekgrrl Mon 27-Jun-05 08:01:49

beansontotast, do ring NHS direct, but just to put your mind at rest - I gave dd a double dose once (middle of the night and for some reason got mixed up between calpol 6+ and medised). I drove myself crazy and eventually took her to see our GP who said it wasn't a problem at all. And she'd had 5 doses in 24 hours that way.

As weatherwax said, the dosage is based on average weights so you've probably not even slightly overdosed, anyway.

lunachic Mon 27-Jun-05 08:13:58

beans on toast im not a heath professional but i wouldnt think that is anything to worry about at all my ds(2) ripped open 3 sachets of calpol once and ate them(all at once) i rang nhs direct and he was still well with the accepted limit- so dont worry -hope your ds gets better soon

Annonymouse Mon 27-Jun-05 08:23:13

Ring NHS direct but I wouldn't panic too much. Just check it out with them though to be sure. The drug should have worked its way through the liver by the time of the five dose, but like I say, give them a ring.

Marina Mon 27-Jun-05 08:29:17

As others have said, NOT bad, beans, try not to panic, I think we have all got our bottles and timetables muddled in the small hours at least once in the course of our sleep-disrupted parenting careers. Ring NHS Direct to get their reassurance but I am sure all will be well.

beansontoast Mon 27-Jun-05 11:54:41

thanks for your wisdom you lovelies, all tips and stories much appreciated xx
this chickenpox lark is like having a newborn again...complete with brain bypass.

edodgy Mon 27-Jun-05 12:02:06

I wouldnt worry i remember asking the dr about paracetemol doses when my dd was a baby and he said they give them alot more than the bottle dose in hospital so if u accidently go over not to worry (that doesnt mean its ok to overdose on purpose though). When my dd has a temp I tend to alternate between 4-6 hourly doses of ibruprofen and paracetemol this way you dont go over the recommended dosage but temp is kept down the whole day.

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