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2.5 and has had 3 fevers in as many weeks, and a chesty cough

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lmccrean Sun 26-Jun-05 14:13:36

Im getting really worried. Have had her at doctors 3 times, and they have just said strip her and give calpol and nurofen to ease the fever. Last time, when she had the cold and fever, I think she was hallucinating...said there were policemen in her bedroom at my mums (she did once in her bedroom at my flat, about 2 months ago but Im innocent ) and that they were taking her juice away. She said her football was covered in poo and there was snakes crawling over her feet, and she was trying to push them away. Ive just got a call to come home from work cause the fever is back.

Can I demand the doctors take blood and urine tests? (last doc looked at me when I asked for a urine test to be done and said "but she is nappies, how do you propose we get a sample??" and just looked at me.)

Am I being a silly for worrying so much? I know kids get sick, but Im getting so worried.

She eats really healthly,and I dont have any cleaning products in her reach...although now I think about it the temp has always started when she was at my mums...oh crap..gonna run to bus, but please, any advice/reassurance anyone can give will be very much appreciated.

Kidstrack2 Sun 26-Jun-05 15:46:28

I don't think you are being silly, I think your own instinct in knowing your child has kicked in and you know something isn't right. If she isn't 100% think you should def take her back to your GP and explain your concerns, its dangerous sometimes with young children having fevers as there temp can go out of control really quick and they can hallucinate and can also start fitting. Its maybe time for the doc to give her some antibiotics to try and fight off what she has.

FIMAC1 Sun 26-Jun-05 23:11:06

Could it be broncitis? My ds at the same age had very high temps and cough - hope she has seen someone and is getting treated. Antibiotics worked in our case

lmccrean Mon 27-Jun-05 20:39:35

Thanks. Had her at docs this morning and again was sent home with nothing but paracetamol. She has been in good form, with no fever all day then at 5 boom...hit her. its weird that it comes and goes like that. Im just giving nurofen, paracetamol and cough mixture info her..doc advised to keep it up two days after the cough and fever goes.

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