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Have been told that I have an underative thyroid!

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dropinthe Sun 26-Jun-05 01:20:00

Explains the following:

Extreme tiredness
Fortnightly periods from hell with extreme bleeding.
Excess weight even though been breast feeding for over a year and a half.

Anyone else suffered and what can I expect?-have been told I will need to take tablets to stimulate production of Thyroxin.
What this all about??

lunachic Sun 26-Jun-05 01:33:01

my mum has an overactive thyroid but is overweight(unusual)
i dont know much except that its is one of the major glands(dont think thats the right word but its late and my sad old brain is failing ) of the body which controls lots different body functions like temperature and i think it maybe oversees hormone functions too(although other things control this as well)
think the symptoms can be quite diverse
sure somebody moree knowledgable will be along to tell you more
hope the thyroxin helps and you feel better soon x

lunachic Sun 26-Jun-05 02:27:47

heres a link about it sorry its on a company page but it looks like a good short explaination (and coincidentally i have bought some medic8 products and they were good) hth

suzywong Sun 26-Jun-05 02:32:03

Well Hellllloooo
and welcome to the club

the GOOD news is you don't have to feel like S&ite anymore, Get you thyroxin and feel like a human being again. It is a very very common chronic illness and easily manageble, you will propably have to get your thyroid function tested every three months for hte first year to make sure you are getting the replacement therapy you need. But let me tell you once you get the right dosage HALLELUJAH you can get on with your life again.

I had it for three and a half years before diagnosis, and now I am back to my old self. There have been quite a lot of threads about it.

Get to your gp to get your thyroxin ASAP you will notice the difference in days and there are very few side effects.

Congratulations, you can have your life back now

suzywong Sun 26-Jun-05 02:35:42

here's another website

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