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Hip problem.

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MistressMary Sat 25-Jun-05 10:44:48

My Ds was falling about all over the place yesterday and following the Docs examination has someting up with his left hip.
Cue night of Childrens Ward, taking blood and X rays.
Seems fine in himself and all tests clear so far but has to go back Tuesday for more bloods.
Just was so distressing seeing him terrified of the Xray machine and blood being taken.
Hope it goes as quick as it came.

MistressMary Sat 25-Jun-05 12:31:13

Anyoe else had problems like this then?

Tissy Sat 25-Jun-05 12:39:43

This may be "irritable hip"- it comes on after a viral infection, usually, lasts a few days and doesn't have any long-term effects. Blood tests, Xrays and scans are usually normal.

MistressMary Sat 25-Jun-05 12:59:38

Yep tha's what they think has happened too although they had to rule out Septic Arthiritis.
I suppose it's trying to rest it, easier said than done in a 19mth old.

jessicasmummy Sat 25-Jun-05 13:04:31

oh MM - i was thinknig abotu you earlier and was about to post asking how it went at the docs.

Hope little man is ok, give him a big hug for me, and I hope all goes well on Tuesday, keep us updated xxx

MistressMary Sun 26-Jun-05 16:48:09

Well he slept for four hours yesterday afternoon, then slept like a log all last night.
Today he has been quiet and currently led on his pillow with Teddy on the floor and he seems likely that all he will do til tea time and then bed.
He is eating very well though and drinking plenty.

Just not right for him though.

jessicasmummy Sun 26-Jun-05 16:50:46

poor little mite, i hope you can get some answers soon x

MistressMary Sun 26-Jun-05 16:57:56

Thanks JM.

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