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baby with snuffly nose - has any body used an aspirator?

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tab Fri 24-Jun-05 12:36:16

baby with blocked mucusy nose which is making it harder for him to breastfeed. Has anybody used an aspirator (not fully sure if this is what i mean - presumably like a syringe thing to clear mucus) and did you have to go to the doctor first. Could well be hayfever with the type of weather we/ve been having. Any suggestions welcome.

tiffini Fri 24-Jun-05 12:37:22

Have you tried Mediced, it should dry up his nose and help him sleep.

meggymoo Fri 24-Jun-05 12:38:47

Message withdrawn

LIZS Fri 24-Jun-05 12:45:25

Aspirators are a very gentle way of removing the thick snot (sorry if too much info !) and with a squirt of saline drops first the dried up stuff will shift too. They are basically a little tube to go up nose with a rubber ball on the end which you squeeze and then let go to suck. Vaporiser works well too but think only recommended from 3 or 6 months.

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