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Testing for measles

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Kittypickle Thu 23-Jun-05 19:16:32

DS has what the doctor has diagnosed as measles, although it could well be Roseola. He had the single measles injection a few months ago. The doctor did say that Public Health may want to take a swab and I got a call this morning confirming they do want to. That's fine by me as I would like to know whether it is measles or not, but I was wondering how many of you whose children had measles were actually swabbed to confirm the diagnosis.

bakedpotato Thu 23-Jun-05 19:23:02

DD was diagnosed with measles and GP said we might get a call re swabs, but we weren't contacted.

mears Thu 23-Jun-05 19:27:04

Testing is a good idea because doctors so seldom see it nowadays that a lot of diagnosis of measles amay actually be something else viral.

tomasinatank Thu 23-Jun-05 20:49:08

hello kp

Ds1 (5) developed a rash and high temp and i put it down to viral - then about 2 weeks later ds2 (3) developed the same but slightly worse. Like a lightening bolt i siddenly realsied it could be measles so phones the dr for emergensy appt. After listening to the symptons of both boys e said it 'probaly was measles' but quite mild as they had both had the single measles jab and unless I was worried then i need not bring them in for an official dx! I was quite shocked at that as I was led to believe it had to be officially dx. But anyway, it was a mild case, its apparently not even on their medical records and i will never really 'know' if it was measles or something else!
I am aware that a small percentage of children vaccinated (be it by MMR or simgle jabs) will fail to produce enough antibodies against measles and i figured that as ds's are brothers and hence genetically very close, then if one was not going to develop the required antibodies for immunity after the jab then the other, most probably) wouldn't either so i'm not concerned that the single vaccine I chose to give them is any less effective.

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