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Anyone got suggestions for clearing post-chest infection catarrh/tightness?

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mumof3teens Mon 30-Nov-09 12:51:36

As the title says really. I had a chest infection for weeks. Energy levels more or less back to normal now. Sleeping/eating ok. CT scan showed slightly squashed lung, but otherwise ok. Consultant said to give it a good 6 weeks after scan to get fully right (2 weeks to go). Still feeling a bit catarrhy/phlegmy and throat feels irritated/tightish. Don't feel ill, but really want to get right now. Someone suggested acupuncture - anyone tried it for asthma type symptoms or can anyone suggest anything else please?
Thank you.

mumof3teens Mon 30-Nov-09 19:39:02

Anyone? smile

mumof3teens Tue 01-Dec-09 09:41:50


addictedtolatte Tue 01-Dec-09 09:59:57

just time really i had a chest infection about 6 mnths ago and the after affects seemed to last forever about 8 weeks i think it was.

mumof3teens Tue 01-Dec-09 12:32:00

Thanks v much for replying atl. I had mine from July and had a ct scan 4 weeks ago. Tried inhalers and oral steroids which didn't really help much. Did you have phlegm/catarrh and were you a bit wheezy? Did anything make it feel better?

BonjourIvressedeNoel Tue 01-Dec-09 13:00:48

being rigorous wth the inhalers, getting some fresh air and sunlight everyday and being very careful about my diet, lots of fruit and veg , and not drinking alcohol. I had a nasty chest infection after the pig pox and those hings seemed to spped up my recovery.

There is also a lemon and giner tea which is very good for catarrh with honey or you could try sudafed?

mumof3teens Tue 01-Dec-09 14:50:57

Thanks for that Bonjour. Not on any inhalers now, but may go back to Drs next week if not clear. I will get some lemon and ginger tea tomorrow - have been trying squeezed lemon with honey and water, but ginger sounds a good idea. Not been drinking much alcohol, but does it make things worse?

BonjourIvressedeNoel Tue 01-Dec-09 15:00:48

I always find that alcohol seems to reduce the effectivemess of my immune system. Maybe you need to go on the inhalers until its cleared up?

KurriKurri Tue 01-Dec-09 15:37:47

Would steaming help, with a drop of olbas oil in the water? My DD finds this helpful when she is tight with asthma/infection.

pofacedandproud Tue 01-Dec-09 15:39:45

raw onion, raw garlic, no dairy, boil root ginger in water for hal an hour and drink the tea with manuka honey.

mumof3teens Tue 01-Dec-09 16:11:33

Thanks Bonjour, kurri and Pofaced. Will try all of your suggestions. Did lots of olbas steamings when poorly, but stopped when I stopped coughing. Maybe need to carry on for a while.

gct Tue 01-Dec-09 18:25:33

Has your GP suggested an inhaler? You may need a short term bronchodilator. Maybe a referral to a physio who specialises in lungs may also be very helpful. We have lots of tricks to get phlegm moving and accelerate lung reexpansion! It's really important to do this in order to avoid potential loger term problems.

mumof3teens Tue 01-Dec-09 18:57:50

Thanks gtc. I was on symbicort for a month and 5 days of an oral steroid. It didn't really seem to do much good. I am seeing a physio for a rotator cuff injury and she has suggested Yoga, long walks with deep breaths etc for the lungs. The consultant said that the tiny bit of squashed lung was standard, and that 5% of the population have it anyway? I may go back to the Drs and ask for a referral to a specialist physio, as you suggest. Would the squashed lung extend this phlegm/tightness? The last time the consultant examined me (a month ago) she said I had a bit of pleural rub, which is why she suggested the CT scan.

gct Tue 01-Dec-09 19:45:12

Long walks and deep breaths are certainly very helpful. Specialist chest PT can add to this with specific positioning based upon CT and stethoscope findings, specific breathing techniques to optimise sputum clearance and other gizmos which could help with this and promote reinflation of lung tissue. Lung which remains semiinflated can be a locus for longer term infection so please seek help from an expert in this field. Hope that helps and hope you feel better very soon.

mumof3teens Tue 01-Dec-09 20:20:02

Thanks gtc that is v helpful.

eclipse Tue 01-Dec-09 22:39:50

I've had residual catarrh for weeks now after a 6 week bronchitis thingy (treated with antibiotics). I am also asthmatic so lots of inhalers helped. I agree with the fresh air and exercise for getting things moving, lots of honey and ginger drinks and, in my case, plenty of alcohol. It may not 'help' the symptoms, but it makes them alot more bearable.

I don't know about anyone else, but this year seems to be really bad for persistent gungy chestiness. My family has been phlegmy coughing for weeks now and really struggling to shake it off. I've never been so coughy of rso long in my life.

mumof3teens Wed 02-Dec-09 09:42:10

Thanks eclipse. Just off to see the GP again to see whether I need an inhaler.

alypaly Wed 02-Dec-09 10:27:09

if your chest is a bit tight,although walks in the fresh air are good...if your chest is tight ,the cold air can make it tighter when you inhale. Try covonia with menthol,its really good. If you have a touch of pleurisy it can take a while to feel ok again. Also if your phlegm is green ask doc to do a sputum test incase of secondary infection.

If it is viral ,you will just have to rest and have plenty of steamy baths too.

mumof3teens Wed 02-Dec-09 13:24:51

Thanks alypaly. Dr is sending me for spirometry?. He said did I want to try a months ABs, in case it was post nasal drip. He thinks it is probably just irritation of my throat/ chest etc after such a long chest infection/ coughing. He frightened me to death by mentioning copd, but then said it wasn't going to be that as I had never smoked or been down't pit!

alypaly Wed 02-Dec-09 13:30:30

post nasal drip doesnt always need ABx ,DS2 has it and it is due to dust mites. The mucus drips down hios throat at night,turns him into a mouth breather. Then his throat gets dry and sore because he is mouth bretahing and the mucus gets thicker and greener in his throat. Bought some mattress and pillow protectors and it has made so much difference. he only uses his nasonex occasionally now.

mumof3teens Wed 02-Dec-09 17:17:21

Thsnks Alypaly. Bonjour - got ginger and lemon tea and had with honey - delicious!

melsy Wed 02-Dec-09 19:52:12

Also try tbls apple cider vinegar & manuka honey 10+ active in some warm water, breaks up phlegm etc.

Or make some jewish chick soup, my suggestion every time!

Id agree with Bonjour & may be use inhalers to see you out with this.

mumof3teens Wed 02-Dec-09 21:02:48

Thanks Melsy. Where do I get the recipe for the Jewish Chicken soup please?

melsy Thu 03-Dec-09 22:12:52

this is nearest to mine. I ALWAYS add swede as it makes a much sweeter flavour& I dont use the dill, but I do add a good quality chicken stock cube like kallo. I also dont peel my onion , as it gives it a lovely golden colour.

Has known decongestant qualities, something about enzyme from cooking veg & chick together.

mumof3teens Fri 04-Dec-09 08:24:06

Thanks melsy I will make that his weekend - looks really good.

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